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SOLD FS: Fender Marcus Miller V (5-String) w/Nordstrand Pickups and Sadowsky preamp w/VTC

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by WovenGraphite, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. *** SOLD and shipped!!! ***

    Finally have decided that I need to reduce the number of basses at home.

    This is my Fender Marcus Miller V, 5 string model, natural, made in USA, serial Z3163038.

    I didn't like the preamp from the beginning and was always playing with it off.

    I started first by replacing the pickups by a pair of Nordstrand NJ5F. They added much more growl and midrange. Before doing, that, I shielded the cavity with copper tape and solder the joints (I am a hardware engineer) for better shielding.

    Then later, I ordered the Sadowsky preamp with VTC and that really really opened up the bass. No need to dial too much of that preamp boost, some bass, tad of highs and then adjust the VTC to taste... yummy!

    On the string side, it is setup with taper core F Bass. Very clear, very snappy and the B string is very tight (changed the strings a month ago, very low mileage).
    It is professionally setup with low action and is very very easy to play.

    It weighs 9.5lb... as Marcus said: "If Fender made 5 string in the 77, that would be it".
    The string spacing is 19mm and has plenty of space between the strings, it is not for everybody but it makes for very easy slapping and soloing.

    It is in excellent condition with only the pick guard being scratch by nails... (see pictures)... you'll understand once you have that babe in your hands.
    It comes with the Fender HSC and all original accessories (including original preamp and pickups) and manuals. I also kept the original cardboard box.
    You can see from the pictures that I removed the pickup cover, it will be, of course, put back in place before shipping.

    If you need high res pics, let me know, I had to size them down for TB.

    With all the improvements, I am asking $1700 USD shipped in the US by FedEx ground (for international, I'll split the total shipping cost), or local pickup (South Bay). I'd prefer non-paypal payment.

    No trades unless you have a unlined 6 string fretless (F Bass, Zon, Status or Drozd preferred).
  2. Bridge with taper core strings, and body
  3. Preamp and scratch on pickguard
  4. Shelly


    Jul 12, 2006
    Brighton, Michigan
    I played one of these recently and wasn't blown away by the pre, either. I like my J Deluxe more. Having said that, I can't afford yours, but would love to hear it with the upgrades that you've made.
  5. It does sound very different from the original preamp, I'd say mainly smoother highs. That Fender pre was very harsh and overall coarse.
    The VTC of the Sadowsky makes it very versatile.

  6. Sold to great TBer soulbrother!

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