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SOLD FS: flame Conklin GT-7 with Bart upgrade

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by voodoobassist, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. [/SIZE]Conklin GT-7, flame maple top, with extremely easy playability. I upgraded the pre to the 3 band bart system. Controls are now, volume,push/pull/active/passive,... pan,... push/pull/mid select,... stacked bass and treble. The bass plays very easily and sounds wonderful with the bart upgrade. It's in extremely clean condition, can only find one pinpoint ding about 4 inches from the input jack. Speaking of the jack, it is the only cheesy point on the bass. Replaced the locking jack with a regular one, and didn't have a jack plate that would fit. I fabricated one, and it is a rather ugly, but fully functional, bastardization of a les paul jack plate, all I had around at the time. The only other issue is the plastic ring bushing on the E string is split, including pics of both of these minor "issues" below.
    I love playing this beast, but I'm 55 and having some shoulder problems. Doc wants to do surgery, I'm holding out for divine intervention instead.:bag: Bottom line, she's just too heavy for a geezer like me to be gigging with, somewhere around 14 lbs, a true chunk. I'm asking $850 shipped, no case or bag. I could get a new case for it for somewhere around $50 if that would make a difference in the sale, bringing it to $900 shipped in the lower continental 48 states. I might be interested in a trade on a nice 4 banger jazz bass, a Lakland DJ 4 would definitely get my attention! Also looking at amps,...markbass sd800, or the other end of the spectrum, a nice tube head.
    I don't have a paypal account and only accept USPS money orders as payment. Western Union or any of the others have to be deposited and clear, taking anywhere from two weeks and up, so USPS MO only please! Now here's the pics.


    Bart pre


    controls, V/P/M/stacked BT

    ugly jack plate

    cracked plastic bushing on E string tuner


    Enter the world of ERB for cheap,...$850 shipped in lower 48, USPS money order only please! :bassist:

    Trades considered for a nice 4 banger jazz, or either a markbass sd800 or a tube amp.
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  3. Hump day bump day:D
  4. ursusaltered


    Feb 23, 2009
    Madison WI
    would you consider a trade for a carvin claro walnut 18v active w/ piezo pikups neck thru in great condition
  5. I'd probably have to pass on the Carvin, looking mainly for an outright sale on this one. Thanks.
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  9. pablomigraine

    pablomigraine Commercial User

    Feb 9, 2005
    New York
    Director of Commercial Sales - Neural DSP
    you sir, have a PM
  10. PM replied.
  11. santucci218


    Jan 26, 2007
    aahaherhieajrn!< !(Q#UR$%

    i want this thing so bad =[
  12. Haven't you heard Paul? It's the age of instant gratification,...buy it!!! :D
  13. trade update bump
  14. Bumping this for trade offers,...a nice light 6 string maybe, interesting amp, 4 string jazz,... be creative,..offer something I can't refuse.
  15. BR Audio

    BR Audio Guest

    Apr 13, 2006
    any interest in a power amp.?
    I have some Crown K2s and K1 as well as some XTIs.

    take care
  16. I'll have to pass on the Crown, a nice tube amp would be great though! Thanks for asking.
  17. weekend bump,.....trades highly considered,.....whatcha got????
  18. Took her out this weekend for a benefit gig,...she plays GREAT!!!! Would keep her if not for my bad shoulder,...still up for grabs,..somebody buy her or make me a great trade!
  19. Price drop to $800 shipped. Still open to trades, jazz type basses, roland v bass + cash, tube heads,...shoot me an offer!
  20. Weekend bump,....let's trade!!!!

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