FS: Fodera YYS #56

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  1. Hi, would like to let go one of my basses.

    $3950 shipped !! ----SOLD

    For faster response, you can reach me at adrian.musyanif@gmail.com
    I'm in indonesia. It's a mint and killer Fodera YinYang Standard #56. Still has its bubble wrap, like new! Unfortunately has a tiny ding, but it's so small. You can see it in the updated pic! :) just throw me your offer, and also i'll cover all the shipping. Thank you :) here's a video of me playing the bass.. :)http://youtu.be/fE_KjnULHng

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    Is that my old Emperor? I miss that sucker, want to sell it back?
  4. It was sold last year bro :)
  5. Bump! Price reduced to $3950 shipped everywhere!! :)
  6. Pics and infos updated!! :)

    Price $3950 shipped everywhere
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  9. I think for $3950 shipped, it will be For Sale Only .

    Thank you :)
  10. SOLD !! Thank you. :)