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  1. Well, I guess it's bound to happen from time to time - I got scammed on a trade in the Classifieds. While my Warwick sits comfortably in another person's home I have with me a bass which was severely misrepresented. The scammer purchased it for $150 and duped me on the trade - no harsh comments, I'm beating myself up pretty hard already.

    I will say, in spite of my frustration in this situation, this bass does sound pretty killer. I've tried to get used to it but there's too much negative energy for me to keep this. I hope it can find a new (and accurately-informed) owner. I'm hoping to get $150+shipping on this - I know that's a little more than the original sale price on this but, hey, I'm out about a grand and my only bass so... I've got to try to pick up the pieces.

    After the dust cleared I was able to find the LEGITIMATE description of this instrument. Here, copied and pasted, is the original seller's description along with his photographs:


    This was my first 'project' bass I built from parts, and while I love it, I have too many P-basses so this one has to go. $150 shipped in the continental US, and will ship in a generic gigbag packed up carefully in a large box. No trades please, I'm clearing room for a custom order Spector.

    The body I believe came from an old Memphis bass, they made some good japanese copies back in the 70s, pickup and electronics came from the same. The body looks to be mahogany and maple, but again I am not positive. It was string-though-body so I installed a black string-through bridge with matching ferrules in the back to anchor the strings. I liked the jackson reversed headstock look so I put a left-handed neck on this right-handed bass. The neck is a jazz bass sized neck (1.5 inch nut width) with pearloid block inlays and bound fretboard, another copy as the headstock is blank and not quite Fender shaped. The neck profile is pretty thin like most 70's style jazz bass necks and it has standard cloverleaf tuners.

    To clarify: this IS a right-handed bass, it is strung and plays normally, standard 34" scale, the neck itself is just flipped.

    The body was not in the best shape, there are extra holes from a thumbrest that is no longer there (I have a black plastic one and can install it if you ask) and from whatever bridge was on it before I got the body. I have taken MANY pictures to accurately represent this bass, as it has many little dings and scrapes, as well as a small neck pocket shim. The neck still looks brand new, straight with plenty of adjustment left on the truss rod, I took good care of the neck at least. Has a newish set of DR Sunbeam nickel strings on it as well (needed the E-string to be long!) Feel free to ask any questions!














  2. Sorry bout the bad trade bro, sh*t happens sometimes. I've been looking for another funky p-bass lately. If only I didn't have to replace the engine in my truck yesterday.... Well if this is still up later this week i'll definetly take another look.
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    Looks like a cool bass for a buck and a half. Sorry to hear about the bad deal - good luck with it. Someone will surely want it for that price.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. It has definitely been a learning experience. Just incredibly unfortunate timing - I'm moving in a month, I have a number of loans I'm paying off... none of which elicited a response from this scammer. If I didn't play with an awesome drummer who is lending me his bass I would be without any instrument at all, really. As much as I like the tone of this... I just get a bad taste in my mouth when I pick it up. Hopefully somebody else can get some use out of it, and I can at least buy a Squire until times are a little less thin.
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    Dec 30, 2011
    Dude, that sucks your being alot calmer then i would be. I would be coming unglued. Glwts
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    Jeez. This makes me sad. I hold TB to a higher standard than the rest of the web-universe, and for the most part it's lived up to it. It looks like the person who scammed you is banned.

    If it makes you feel any better, I've scammed myself out of hundreds of dollars over the years by buying things that seemed like a good idea at the time and then selling them at a loss. :meh:


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    You can't let the scumbag get away with it! Sue him or do something. Don't let him think he can get away with that kind of BS or he'll do it again to someone else.
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    Sorry to hear about this unfortunate event that happend to you. I always felt like us bassist are one big giant family and it honestly sucks to hear a fellow brother got scammed. I am kinda on the fence about buying this from you due to this misfortune just out of respect. I was brought up never to benefit from others misfortunes.
  9. Again, thanks for the support - I was hesitant to even mention the way in which I acquired this bass, as I was afraid it might overshadow the sale, but I decided to be as honest about the situation as possible.

    When I'm home from work I'll upload two updated pictures of the bass - it does have a thumb rest installed now, and I replaced the strap buttons. The original buttons were these small, round things which would never hold a strap for more than a minute.
  10. Just going to give this a little bump.
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    Looks like the body is an old late 70s Memphis Lawsuit P.
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    if it is the guy from that original listing that got banned then you could show up at his shows and give him hell.

    the guy posted his band's facebook page
  13. It is that person. I'm about 3,000 miles away from him, and even if I was close... I just want to wash my hands of the whole thing. I would rather move on than let a grudge fester - that isn't a healthy way to live.
  14. Good for you,,good words to live by.;)
  15. free funky lookin bass bump. dig that price, too.
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    to the top
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    yeah, I'm pretty sure the same a$#hole got my Cirrus, in trade for a "warmoth J 5"..it showed up in two packages, and the headstock had a bunch of holes drilled in it...I live on the same coast, and I DO visit the Pacific NW occasionally..I hope Mr. ES is reading this and watching his back...I'll get a couple in for you.
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    PM sent.
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    Sorry to hear you got scammed man. Some people are just out to hurt others. I would be hunting for blood if it happened to me, hell with the distance.

    That being said, if this is still around in three days, it's mine. Just saying. Love me some frankenbass.
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