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SOLD FS\FT 1991 Peavey Dyna Bass 5 String w\HSC 350.00

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by lakesguypaul, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Very Nice 1991 Peavey Dyna Bass 5 string Bass, will also trade for a 4 string Japanese\MIM Fender Jazz bass or a Asian Hofner. Would look at other models but wouldn't promise anything.
    This Bass has the Super Ferrite Humbucker twin active pick ups with a 3 band EQ and a switch to run active or Passive, a real battery saver and helpful on stage when your battery takes a crap
    This bass also has from the factory a Schaller roller bass bridge. some light nicks and scratches but nothing through the paint and not noticeable unless your looking for them. I use my gear,not look at it.electrics work fine. Has a hard shell case that is ok not all tore up but not a peavy,also has strap locks and a 3" peavey leather strap. Asking 300.00 plus the cost of shipping and insurance to your destination. Will not ship outside the USA, don't know how, and will not ship without insurance.your choice on the value of it. Paypal or Money order, no checks. can send you more pics if you want ,that was my limit.

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  2. Buskman


    Apr 13, 2007
    Jersey Shore, USA
    Do you happen to know the weight? Thanks!
  3. the bass weighs 8 1\2 pounds
  4. i have lowered the price to 300.00

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