SOLD FS/FT :: 2 Affordable Fives

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    FS / FT :: 2 Affordable Fives

    With my 2 Laklands getting all of the real playing time, I am currently looking for something unique, so I am listing both of these basses in order to fund that quest. I may or may not sell both of these, depending upon how things work out, but I haven't made up my mind on either, so I'm going to let the market decide. I would be happy to do a 2 for 1 deal if you've got something unique that you'd like to offer. I'm interested in just about any 4 or 5 string bass that you may have that is out of the ordinary (hollowbody basses move to the front of the line).

    9? Peavey Foundation V - $325 (Shipped CONUS)

    I took this bass in on trade for my Ibanez BTB 6 string when I came to the conclusion that wide spacing and 35" scale just aren't for me. I like this bass a lot, but being that it's the last in, it's just not getting any playing time. This is a KILLER bass, and sounds bigger than just about any bass that I've owned, the pickups are pretty awesome, and delivery lots of versatility in terms of sound. I originally wanted the older model with the Super Ferrites, but I quickly changed my tune when I heard them. The spacing on this bass is fairly narrow, and the neck feels very fast with the slim profile. There are no issues with the bass that I have found, it's just not getting played right now. This bass will ship with a nice SKB hard shell that's got molded feet (so no worries about those metal feet breaking off). As far as I know everything is bone stock on this one. More pics here


    07 SX SKB-62 4+1 (Fretless / Fretted) SOLD

    I took this bass in on trade and realized that I really CAN play a 5 string as long as the spacing is narrow. I really love the playability of this bass, and with the 2 necks, it's a very versatile option for me, but really want something different now, so I'm putting this out there. I replaced the stock bridge (which the buyer will also get) with a nice high mass bridge that has better intonation and allows for top loading. I've currently strung this with D'Addario half rounds, so you get the nice flat feel w/ the added brightness that halfs offer. The buyer will also get a new set of roundwound strings. Dunlop strap lock buttons have been installed on the bass as well. There are a few small scratches, particularly where the B string loads, as I think the previous owner had trouble loading the B string with the original bridge. The knobs have been swapped for chrome gnurled ones as well.

    The spare rosewood fretted neck came from another TB'er off a stock 5 string SX, so it's nearly identical to the fretless neck w/ the vintage tint, headstock shape and SX logo. I don't think that the neck has ANY playing time on it, as it was apparently immediately swapped out for a bound / block neck. This bass will ship in a nice Musicians Friend Deluxe gig bag. I don't have any pics of this, as my camera is on the fritz, but I hope to by this weekend. The stock photo shown here gives you an idea of what you'd be getting.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions or offers. I haven't made up my mind specifically with what I'm looking for, so I'm open to just about anything for either of both of these basses.

    Thanks for looking!
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