FS/FT 2 GPS UNITS!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Up for sale (or trade) my two GPS units.

    First, Lowrance iWay 500c, this is their top of the line unit, SOLD!

    Second, a Magellan Roadmate 3000t, this one is a little beat up, one of the buttons on top fell out, it doesnt affect function, since its only used to soom in, wich can be done trough the menu, it only comes with the charger and the unit. the outter jacket on the cable its a lttle chewed up, but the cables are intact, no functional issues
    im asking only $69 shipped for this one



    As far as trades.... hit me up with whatever you have, the worse i can say is no.
    im mostly but not only interested in recording gear, MP3 player, att&t or unlocked phone, PSP, mics, basses, pedals etc..

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    PM sent!
  3. Replied!
  4. Very interesting offers, but nothing in stone yet.. keep em coming!
  5. Bump for pictures!
  6. going to ebay next weekend!! act fast before they are gone
  7. Prices lowered..!!
  8. HI
  9. bump
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    They are? I thought those were the same prices as last week......$158 and $69.

    I've been doing some research on the first one.

  11. original prices: $168 $73
    thanks for your interest, let me know if you have an offer or have anything for trade
  12. Lowrance GOONE, magellan still available