FS/FT 2001 Warwick Thumb BO GC LTD

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    Sold it to a friend $800

    It's a Warwick Thumb Bolt-On, 37th Anniversary of Guitar Center Limited Edition, made in Germany. Serial Number G-085878-01. It's in good shape. Thoroughly played, but well taken care of. I'm the second owner. I bought it in 2002, so it was only a year old when I got it. It has some thumb rash around the top of the neck pickup and few small dings, nothing serious, obvious, or that would effect how it plays. It plays like glass and sounds awesome. It has a custom brass string nut that really makes open notes sing. Much mo betta' than the original graphite Just-A-Nut that they come with. The case has seen better days. Two of the little metal feet are gone, it has some cracks on the bottom and some chunks of plastic missing but it does its job. It's a fantastic bass. I hate to let it go but I think it's time for a good-ole P-bass or something like that.

    staccatogrowl has informed me that this is a Custom Shop Model as indicated by the first zero in the serial number. These things don't grow on trees. 1 of 150, It would cost $4,500 to have this made.

    Here's what HarmonyCentral.com wrote about it:
    To commemorate their 37th year of business, Guitar Center commissioned Warwick to build a special edition electric bass for them. This 4-string bass is built off of Warwick's popular Thumb Bolt-on series. What makes this instrument so unique is the exotic mix of woods that were used for the body. The hand-selected bubinga pomele top is a perfect match for the ovangkol back, with a thin maple veneer in-between the two woods, which creates a distinctively pleasing look. Bubinga and Ovangkol are closely related tone woods with similar sound yet striking differences in appearance. The straight grained mahogany-like ovangkol back contrasts beautifully with the reddish hues of the curly buginga top. The ovangkol neck features an ebony fingerboard and Warwick's trademark bell brass frets. The ebony fingerboard gives this special bass a quick attack that is well balanced with Warwick's trademark woody growl and focused lows. The Guitar Center 37th Anniversary Thumb Bolt-on bass comes loaded with MEC active J-style pick-ups and a MEC active 2-band preamp.
    This special Warwick bass is available only at Guitar Center stores and is available now. There were only 150 of these unique basses made for Guitar Center's 37th anniversary.
    Retail price: $2,299

    Thanks for checking it out everyone,

    TL;DR I have an awesome Warwick Thumb BO 2001 GC Limited Edition for sale. I'm asking $1,200.
  2. I have one of these exact Warwick Thumbs and I can tell everyone out there that this is a great bass!
  3. Thanks, I really love this bass. I'm scared I won't ever find anything that plays as well as this does, but I'd really like to build something custom. If it doesn't sell I'll probably just replace the pups and pre and see if I can tweak the sound a little.

    Do you mind me asking what you paid for yours? Do you think $1,200 is reasonable?
  4. I traded my Warwick Corvette 5 string for it about 5 years ago. I saw it up high on a wall at GC and it caught my eye. Beautiful woods the used on these limited run Thumbs. I had a guy get it down and plugged it in. I was blown away by how much better it sounded and how nice it felt. I immediately worked a trade and ended up paying a few hundred more in cash on top. But I walked away with it and never looked back.

    I think it was actually tagged at $1,299.00 USED and I talked them down a little. So for this bass, with the brass nut, you may be about right. IMHO this is no ordinary Thumb... These are nicer... The 3 woods in the body and the ebony fingerboard give it a unique sound and feel. I have a Warwick Thumb 5 string and I love it, too. But I wish it was like this one.
  5. Nothing beats a nice Warwick IMO, at least not for normal human money. I had a regular Thumb BO and ended up selling it to a buddy because it never left the case after I bought this one.
  6. I just checked and our serial numbers are 48 apart. What's interesting is have a completely different looking top wood on the body. Sweet basses. By the way, Howard Feed n Wax works better than the Warwick wax. It should make that thumb mark over the pick up go away. Also, Gargomyte will make the frets and fretboard look like new.
  7. I'd love to see pictures if you have some handy (assuming they won't make this one look too bad, haha). Mine has a pretty straight grain pattern compared to some of the other Bubinga Warwicks I've seen. I wonder if maybe it needs a little tung oil refresh to help bring out some of the personality. And thanks, I'll look into the wax and Gargomyte. You're right, the Warwick stuff doesn't do much except help clean off the fingerprints.
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  10. Daily bump.

    It's still available. I really appreciate all the trade offers. I probably should have been a bit more specific. I'm really looking for cash so I can have something custom made. Trades I'll consider are mostly smaller bodied basses with jazz pickups or a nice 6-string.

    If by chance anyone has a Warmoth Z with an Ash/Walnut body, Wenge/Pau Ferro Neck, Bartolini 9CBJD-3s and a John East Preamp and wants to trade... That would be bodacious.
  11. Sweet bass bump!
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    I picked one of these up from a TB'er a while back and I will never part with it. Amazing bass bump.
  14. I don't suppose you want twins huh? The ultimate backup?

    These things are really great-- Thumbs in general, but these especially. Wish I could afford to keep it but I'm really jonsing for something custom like a Clements or a Warmoth and to be able to afford that something's got to go.
  15. I didn't know that. Very cool. Thank you. Maybe I should re-list it with that in the title. Might drum up more potential buyers.
  16. Originally Posted by staccatogrowl
    Wanted to share some interesting info about your serial number G-085878-01. The 0 following the G indicates custom-shop model. Standard models have a 1. . . Just so you realize the significance of your "GC special."

    Wow. I didn't know that either. Very cool. As I've said, these are killer basses and there are only 150 of them. And now we know they are truly custom shop. This is a great deal. I love mine!
  17. After giving the significance of the custom shop some additional thought, that would explain the extreme different top wood grains seen on these basses. Nice.
  18. I was thinking the same thing. My Feed-N-Wax should be here Thursday. I can't wait to see what it looks like after a good polish.
  19. TTT - Wednesday. I have a feeling this sucker is going to get Guitar Center'ed soon.
  20. Nooooo Guitar Center. Happy Feed n' Wax day!