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SOLD FS/FT 2006 Fender MIM Jazz Bass Sunburst Upgraded

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by fcappi, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. SOLD in one hour!!!

    What I have is an 2006 Fender Jazz Bass MIM that I bought off here a few weeks ago and I upgraded heavily.
    I am finding out that Jazz basses are not for me as much as my 2001 MIM p-bass (right picture).

    The Bass specs are:
    Brand New-Seymour Duncan Basslines 1/4 Pounders.-no hum when soloed -wired via SD diagram for redundant ground so dead quiet -full lead and I bought the adhesive foam for underneath,
    Brand New-SPRAGUE .047mfd ORANGE DROP CAP,
    CTS pots,
    Brand New-Gotoh 203B-4C bridge,
    Original-Fender ashtray covers for bridge and neck pickups,
    Fender Red badge molded HSC.

    Documentation and tools for most all of the upgrades (bridge Allen and instructions, SB basslines pickups and instructions, ashtray instructions.

    It's the one on the left Pretty clean maybe one or two marks on it no fret wear hardly at all.
    I have well over the asking price for this.

    Trades: looking for mostly 4's G&L Tributes, Fender P-Deluxe, Music Man Sterling SUB, Japan or Korean ATK, Warmoth?
  2. PM'd you
  3. SOLD in one hour!!!
    Thanks Kent

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