FS/FT 4 string sets of bass strings, dr, elixir, ghs, daddario

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  1. i have a bunch of sets of strings i bought to test out to find the ones for me, ive settled on fender 7150m pure nickel roundwounds.

    1. DR Fatbeams 45-105- Cut for a 2x2 headstock. Used maybe 5 hrs. lots of life left in them. Just not a fan of stainless steel strings anymore. They are good strings but im a nickel fan. sale price 15 shipped

    2. elixir Nanoweb light guage strings, 45-100- cut for a 2x2 headstock. Maybe 5 hrs of use. Lots of life left. I like the nickel part but to me there not my sound. Sale price 20 shipped

    3. GHS Precision flatwounds 90-45 guage- cut for 4 inline. Used for about 10 hrs of play time. Lots of life left in them. These were my go to strings for passive precision bass's or jazz's. They are smooth and have a nice vintage sound to them. Sale price is 20 shipped.

    4. Daddario pro steel 45-105- cut for 2x2 headstock. Used 2 hrs, basically brand new strings, just not a steel fan, i love nickel and these are great strings they sound good. sale price is 10 shipped

    [DEL]5. Daddario half rounds 45-100- cut for a 2x2 headstock. Used for 3 hrs. Lots of life left in them, these strings are very good i like them alot but i prefer the pure nickel roundwound from fender. They are smooth, these are pure nickel and they are alot like the old pure nickel flatwounds from the past. sale price is 15 shipped. [/DEL] sold!!!


    I like nickel strings, pure nickel is my favorite, so either nickel plated or pure nickel roundwounds. id even consider a different flatwound too.
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    Nov 19, 2005
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    "5. Daddario half rounds 45-100- cut for a 2x2 headstock." I will take these. Please send payment info to me in a PM. Thanks!
  3. half rounds are sold, all others are available.
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  10. hotbass57


    Nov 27, 2011
    Chromes 45-100 less than 8 hrs playtime cut for a Fender. Swap for the GHS Flats?
  11. nopalfunk


    Jun 7, 2010
    MX City
  12. Freez


    Nov 8, 2008
    would you consider a trade: my chromes (about 10 hours playing time, cut for a rick bass) for your fatbeams?
  13. PM sent on the GHS flats.