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FS/FT: '97 Warwick Streamer Stage II- Wenge Neck, Brass Nut!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by LifeIsBass, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. FS/FT: ’97 Warwick Streamer Stage II
    $1700 Shipped CONUS SOLD!!!

    Up for sale or trade is the flagship of the Warwick line, the SSII, that I’ve owned for about 3 years. I’ve never played a bass that was of better quality than this one (and that includes basses made by Roscoe, MTD, Modulus, Sadowsky, and other high-end builders). This is a gem from the good ‘ol days of Warwick, when basses were made by hand. It has the far superior, highly sought after wenge neck and brass nut. The neck, though not as slim as a Jazz, is considerably slimmer than many of the newer Warwicks. It is in no way a “baseball bat neck.” In a way, I really hate to see this go but it just doesn’t fit my needs in terms of tone anymore so it doesn’t get much play time. I’d rather get rid of it so that I can afford to buy some other basses on my GAS list that I will use.

    This thing is capable of very low action w/ no buzzing. Except for a small ding on the end of the headstock (see pic below) it’s nearly perfect. It has EMG pickups and an Aguilar OBP-1, which is a great combination.

    This bass has a very unique tone that’s extremely difficult to describe. It has a thick midrange that cuts through beautifully but isn’t nearly as nasal or harsh as a Warwick Thumb. It can be fairly smooth but can also be very aggressive. The greatest part about the tone is the very sweet upper register that sounds incredible for soloing.

    Only trades considered are listed below.

    Sorry, no hardshell case. This will be shipped in a nicely padded Warwick Rockbag, which is in good shape but does have a couple of tears in it. The bass will be well-packed for shipping.


    EMG pickups/ Aguilar OBP-1 preamp
    Wenge/afzelia neck-thru body
    Afzelia body
    34” scale
    Serial #A-034989 97
    Brass nut
    Recessed Dunlop straplocks
    Warwick Rockbag (good condition)

    Trade List:

    Modulus Quantum 4 or 5 (Bartolini equipped ONLY)
    Modulus VJ
    Modulus Genesis J-style
    Roscoe 4-string
    2008 or 2009 USA Fender Jazz (maple board only)
    2008 or 2009 USA Fender Precision (maple board only)
    Fender Steve Harris Precision
    Fender Road Worn Precision
    Spector Euro 4 or 5

    I’ll try to get this weighed as soon as I can. This bass is heavier than most 4-strings due to the dense woods.

    Take in mind that, due to my work schedule, it’s possible that I will only be able to ship this on Saturday.

    As I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten to mention some things, feel free to ask any questions.

    Sorry, but I WILL NOT ship internationally.

    Paypal or USPS money order accepted.




  2. More pics!




  3. Shy Guy

    Shy Guy

    Sep 23, 2008
    Templeton, MA
    Willing to compromise for an '08 P bass w/ rosewood?
  4. Sorry, not sure why, but I just can't stand rosewood.
  5. Let's try a price drop before this goes to ebay. $1,700 shipped CONUS.
  6. The bass is now on ebay as well. I'd much rather sell/trade it to a TB'er so if it goes here first, I'll cancel the ebay auction.
  7. This one is gone! Sold on ebay.

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