FS/FT Aguilar GS410

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    Dec 26, 2007
    NY, NY
    Aguilar GS410 in pretty good shape. This is the carpet version. I think that there are some scuffs on the plastic corners, and if there is, nothing major. I'll have to check when I'm with the cabinet. Also comes with a fitted Aguilar cover.

    I got this cabinet earlier this year from an Aguilar employee. Its an awesome sounding cabinet and probably the best one I've ever played through. Its just too much cabinet for me.

    Pickup in NYC for $625. I live in Staten Island between the Verrazzano and Bayonne Bridges. I can meet you on the Manhattan side of the Ferry Terminal though.

    Trades considered:
    Banjos, ukes, pedal steels, lap steels, mandolins, odd string instruments
    A nice DI box
    Small guitar combo

    Bass wise I could go for a small light weight cabinet. Nothing more than a 2x10 or a 2x12. I wouldn't mind a nice 1x10 either since I'd just be using it for a monitor. Markbass LMIII or Little Mark Tube. I'm not looking for anymore basses.

    Some other stuff I have in trade if you want to combine them.
    Hollowbody Jazz Guitar

    Jazz Bass Project

    [URL="http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f126/fs-ft-danelectro-dc59-silver-sparkle-924379]Silversparkle Danelectro DC59 Bass[/URL]
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    Dec 26, 2007
    NY, NY
    To answer some questions.

    -Soon. I'll be with the cabinet tomorrow night. It currently resides in my rehearsal space.

    -I'm pretty sure this is the 4ohm version. I'll have to double check.

    -No idea. I haven't really gigged with the cabinet much since I got it. Maybe 4 or 5 shows where in went into or out of my truck and then home. Its always had the cover on it when being moved. The prior owner didn't use this much either as he didn't seem to gig a lot and also owned a TON of Aguilar gear. From what I remember he scoffed at my Markbass head and belittled me for selling my AG500 for it. :p

    Hows the carpet?
    -Carpet is in perfect shape. So is the grill. I think one of the plastic corners was scuffed when I got it, but I don't really remember right now. I haven't used it in a month.

    What do you mean too much cabinet?
    -I don't really use amps too much as it is. I usually plug straight into the board or just bring my Little Mark head to gigs. I also sold my truck and this thing sucks to take on the subway. Our rehearsal space is, by necessity, low volume and I play through a B15 there. I can't even use it there! I'm also getting a new monthly room in a different borough and would prefer not to have it sit there as a rehearsal amp. I've used this amp rehearsing with a few different styles of music and it holds up like a champ though!

    What does it sound like?
    -Definitely more aggressive and modern than the DB series of cabs thanks to the tweeter. Lots of low end but can get bright and sparkley. It handles my tuned to A 5 string no problem. It can still can a warm defined tone though (which is what I generally go for) when you turn down the tweeter and adjust your amp. I mostly do folk, country, and R&B if that gives you any indication. I did a punk rock gig with this cab and it did that no sweat too!

    What are you interested in trading for?
    -Trade list added to the original post.
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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Dec 26, 2007
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    Bump. I have no idea how to upload pics from my Samsung Galaxy to the internet. I am an idiot. I know.
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    Shame you aren't on the left coast...otherwise this would be mine ;)