FS/FT Ampeg B-2 Combo,,,,Carvin R1000 head

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  1. looking for $450 OBO for either, really need to sell these to pay for my new rig.

    things I'm looking for a a QSC poweramp, RMX or PLX, 1450 minimum. and maybe a 6 space rack.
  2. bump..NEED TO SELL make offers
  3. bump into the weekend
  4. I might be interested in the Ampeg. Could you PM or email me the specs? I looked for that amp on the Ampeg website, but couldn't find it, so am almost entirely uninformed about it, except that it is (1) a combo (2) made by Ampeg. Thanks.

    Davis Goertzen
  5. BUMP
  6. Both Still available..make offers
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