SOLD FS/FT Ampeg SVT-410HLF w/2 extra speakers/drivers [Los Angeles]

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  1. I am done with a Rock project and can now downsize. I adore this cab, expecially with the SVT-7 Pro I've been playing through it!:bassist: But I don't need this much cab anymore and someone else needs to play it.

    I am the 2nd owner, and there was some of the usual heavy-cab wear and tear on it when I got it. By that, I mean some frayed corners and feet. It rolls, plays and sounds great. I played nothing but 5 strings through it and it handles it noooo problem....

    I also have 2 extra Ampeg drivers for it.

    I'm looking to get [DEL]$375 OBO or trade [/DEL](plus or minus cash) for some kind of 2x10 cab or small rig like an Ampeg Micro VR. I need a cab, so no trades for heads only (unless it's a Carvin BX1500...). This is an unusually low price for this.


    Specs here: Ampeg: Classic Series - SVT-410HLF

    Feel free to ask questions!

    Cell Phone Pics....

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