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  1. this is a really great opportunity for someone to save some cash on an ampeg svt-610hlf series cab. I really need money and i dont feel like getting its speakers fixed up (two are blown and only need to be reconed). yeah, i am asking $400 or best offer. it has the normal scrathes and tolex tear of any cab that has been gigged fairly often. the way the speakers blew was by letting a friend borrow the cab for a gig, he ran it too hard and blew two speakers, top left and bottom right. so yeah, you pay shipping (from 48846) or local pick up i'd be willing to drive a 100 mile radius from my house. i'll have pics soon. trad eoffers will be considered, but i am mainly lookig for cash here.

  2. oh yeah, the main trades i would be looking for are an older ovation 4 string bass, or one of the nice essex basses.
  3. metalgod502

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    Sep 22, 2003
    il. U.S.A.
    is the cab still for sale? pics?
  4. you have pm, still for sale.
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