FS/FT Boss ODB-3 and CE-2B

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  1. I'm cleaning house and unfortunately have to let a few things go.

    [DEL]Boss CE-2B bass chorus. Really great chorus. It's definitely on the subtle side, but the good news about that is that almost the entire control range is usable.[/DEL]

    Boss ODB-3. Bought this to nail the akimbo sound. It's cool but my supercollider plows through the mix a little better.

    My GAS list in my profile contains most of the trades I'd be interested in. Extra cash on either side is fine, though at this exact moment I'm trying to add to the bank more than take away so big outlays are unlikely.

    [DEL]$55[/DEL] [DEL]$50[/DEL] $45 shipped conus via paypal

  2. the chorus is gone.
  3. Price drop. Think of it as free with a $50 handling fee.
  4. price drop again.
  5. $45 shipped for the ODB-3?
  6. odb-3 is gone too. Thread closed.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.