Fs/ft bunch of new/used roundwounds trade for flats

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  1. Bunch of strings for sale/trade

    1. Daddario nickels- new medium guage 14 shipped

    2. Dean Markley nps blue steel- new 45-105 guage 16 shipped

    3. Dr hi beams- 45-105 new, 20 shipped sold

    4. Ernie Ball reg slinky- new, 14 shipped

    5. Labella hard rocking steels- 40-100 slightly used, 13 shipped

    6. Fender pure nickel- 45-105 3 hrs old, 14 shipped

    I will trade for flatwounds or halfs rounds are too much for my sterling.
  2. Drs are traded, bump
  3. shawshank72


    Mar 22, 2009
    Do you play light gauge flats?
    Have a set of custom Ernie Ball 40/60/75/95 flats cut for inline p bass.
  4. I'll play any guage all I need to do is just do a small setup, pm me details.