FS/FT: Carvin LB70F

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  1. Here's a Carvin LB70F in fairly good condition. It's got quite a few small dings, but they're pretty hard to find. I can post pics of them, but most of them are small enough that it's really hard to see even in the closeups. I don't know when exactly when it was made, but I think it's less than 6 years old. comes with carvin hardshell case.

    I'm looking to trade this for a fretless 5. Another carvin would be nice. I'd also be willing to add a little on top for a slightly better bass. I could also let it go for $300.

    Here are the biggest dents. The rest are relatively minor.
    This one is right next to the output jack.
    right under the knobs

    pics of the case:
  2. btw, the dents look pretty big in the pictures, but they're both only about 1 cm in length
  3. Your bass is beautiful and if I played fretless worth a damn, It would be mine. $400 is a deal!!
    Free bump for a sweet fretless.
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    Hey-- You've got a PM
  5. justBrian


    Apr 19, 2002
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    Hello...? I've got a G&L L2000. Wanna talk?
  6. blump
  7. bump. price reduced to $350
  8. bump...this is gonna have to go on ebay soon...make me an offer.
  9. added pics of the case.
  10. last bump. price reduced to $300!!!
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    Sep 11, 2004
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    Dec 26, 2004
    Hey, You have an email about my offer. 300 + shipping. If you haven't sold it yet.