FS/FT: Closet Cleaning Time!

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  1. I got some new pedals in and have totally re-thought and re-vamped my board.

    Boss ODB-3 Overdrive - You know it and love it. Sold

    Behringer Phaser - A good phaser, and its built like a tank. One or two minor dings....SOLD

    Behringer Chorus - A chorus pedal that doesn't get enough love from TB. Although its in a plastic case...its pretty sturdy. It had plenty of knobs to tailor your sound. $15.00

    Behringer VB-1 - This pedal is a clone of the EHX Bassballs envelope filter. I didn't like it and it doesn't play to well with active basses. It's in a solidly built metal case, and in excellent condition. SOLD

    EHX Bassballs - The same Envelope Filter you know and love....no explanations necessary. Comes in its own box, with a power supply.SOLD

    Artec APW-5 - A great wah pedal....built like a Sherman Tank. It has a mag pot so you'll never need to replace the guts. I found a wah I like better...so here she goes. Mint condition in box. Sold

    Rocktron Flanger - I bought this recently from another TB'er and after I played it a little, Just decided I didn't like it. I'd like to get what I payed for it. Sold
    I will definitely consider trades....just ask!

    All prices are shipped CONUS...international...PM me and we can work something out.



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  3. Pm'd on Rocktron Flanger
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  5. is the Bassballs the nano enclosure?
  6. I'll take that behringer vintage bass! PM inbound
  7. Nope, its the standard size..looks like that Behringer VB-1 pedal
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    Mar 10, 2008
    PM sent
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