FS/FT - Complete set of tubes - Mesa 400+

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    Sep 20, 2002
    Portland, ME USA
    Hello all - I bought a Mesa 400+ on ebay which came with a complete set of Mesa power Tubes (12 total 6L6 tubes)and a complete set of Sovtek Preamp tubes (4 total).

    I have no idea how old they are or what their history is, but I can tell you that everything works, they all glow equal and there is no unwanted noise coming from them. Tapping on each tube does not produce any ill sounds. There are no obvious, outward signs of abuse or age such as coloring, burning, smell, etc.

    I am buying a complete set of NOS tubes which are going to be costly so I'm trying to sell these off to help with the funding of that.

    These would be a great set of backups, or maybe you can sell them on ebay for profit.

    I am looking for some gear which can be traded, specifically:

    1. A quality gig bag to fit my fender Jazz. Must have lots of pockets and padded straps.

    2. A quality gig bag for my 3/4 URB - ditto above.

    I am looking to get:
    $20 for the set of preamp tubes ($5/per). You pay shipping.
    $120 for the set of power tubes ($10/per). I will pay shipping. MESA BOOGIE SELLS THESE FOR $240

    or for the complete set - $120. I will pay shipping.

    Or any other reasonable offers.

    Please email me privately - I can provide photos.

    [email protected]