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FS/FT DeviEver Spectacular Aenima

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by G.Bisson, May 12, 2010.

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  1. G.Bisson


    Feb 26, 2009
    Devi Ever Specatular Aenima. $170 obo shipped

    Three stages of fuzz:
    'Input'= high-gain overdrive
    'Midput'= distorted breakup artifacts
    'Output'= wide "around the edges" fuzz, this is where the low frequency fuzz is at!

    'Feedback' control generates sustain and intense harmonic screams.

    Activating the 'Eye' switch makes feedback footcontrollable via a tiny proximity sensor similar to zvex's probe series.

    Activating the 'Loop' footswitch enables a pedal in the external loop to trigger fuzz intensity from another audio source. You can get real crazy sounds with this thing by what you put in the loop. Try a wah or envelope filter for fuzz swells. Flangers or phasers for a slow LFO swelling filtered fuzz. Heck, even put another fuzz in the loop for extra jittery fuzzy freakyness. Or have fuzz intensify in rhythm with the music from a sourch such as delay pedals, loopers, pre-recorded tracks, or from a mixing board return.

    Activating the 'Loop' toggle switch blends the effect in the external loop into the output so it can still be heard, even while being used to control fuzz intensity.

    Then there is the 'Mode' toggle switch, which on the Dwarfcraft version was called 'Glitch'. With it on everything behaves in a semi-expected SNAFU noise-box fashion. With it off; all rhyme and reason are gone, pandora's box is opened, a rift is opened between the gates of hell, and demonic spirits possess you signal and enact destruction upon it as they please. Muahahaha!!


    Interested in trades for:
    MXR M80 Bass DI
    HBE Hematoma
    Aguilar ToneHammer
    EBS MicroBass II
    Dwarfcraft Devices Hair of the Dog
    WMD Geiger Counter + cash from me, really gassing for this one

    send me a PM!
  2. G.Bisson


    Feb 26, 2009
  3. ooh that GAS just made me belch so loud the dog fell off the sofa.

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