FS/FT DOD Gonkulator - now with video of pedal

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  1. Semi-rare pedal. This is DOD's attempt at a ring modulator with extra wierdness mixed in. Definitely no other pedal out there like it, and as a result, it has become somewhat of a collector's item. I got it to make wierd noises. I did. Now I'm done with it. Selling it off to someone who will appriciate it so I can raise some funds for more pedals. Will also consider trades. Please see below for conditions of trade.

    These pedals have been long discontinued. This one has normal signs of wear for a pedal 15 or so years old. Nothing major. The pots on the knobs could use a cleaning. They static slightly while being adjusted, but that stops immidiately once you are done fiddling with them. Pretty sure it's just dust in there on the contacts. Someone who isn't affriad to take it apart and clean it with contact cleaner will most likely cure the issue. I didn't get paperwork with it, so I have none to pass on. The knobs don't tell you what they do based off their discription, but then again, the effect they have on the tone is best described how they labled them. This is simply a wierd pedal, so nothing on it really makes since. Take a listen- YouTube - DOD Gonkulator on Bass

    9v battery or standard barrel power supply with center pin negative. Works off a daisy chain supply just fine. Velcro on bottom. I can remove that if the buyer wishes. ConUS shipping included in price. Everywhere else I will have to charge a little extra, but I'll be fair and excluded what it would have cost to ship it lower 48. Paypal prefered, but tell me in the PM if you can't paypal. We'll talk about it.


    $180 or The deal-

    So, this pedal isn't selling on here or on Ebay. I'm getting desperate to unload it to help fund GAS. PM me with your offers. Paypal money or trades. I'm open to hear what you're willing to do to get this thing moved. Sorry, NO FUZZ/DISTORTION/OVERDRIVE. I have enough of those. Also, NO ENVELOPE FILTERS. I've got a few good ones already and have no desire to replace them.

    I'm really interested in a jamman, TC flashback, SYB-5, or a Bassballs + money. Shoot me an offer. Please note, the cheapest I've seen these go on Ebay (and I watched for about a year) is $200. I paid $225 for this one. Right now there are two on Ebay. One for $250 and one for $225. The third one that is listed for $180 is this one. Sooo... I'm taking a loss already. Please be fair with offers.
  2. On hold pending payment. Please feel free to still contact me.
  3. SOLD!!!! Sold to Jaromir. Thank you!
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