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FS/FT FEELER: Brubaker KXB -5 Xtreme (AUS)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by jazzcrime, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. Tentatively up for sale/trade is my Brubaker KXB-5 Xtreme.

    The reason for it being 'tentatively' is there's something I have my eye on that I'd like to buy if I can get the funds, if it goes before this does then I'll definitely be keeping the Brubaker and this listing will disappear.

    The trade considerations are: a middle of the road P-bass that isn't sunburst + CASH. (Thinking somewhere between Japanese Fender, Fender Roadworn upto a 'newer' vintage era Fender)
    EDIT: I'll also consider Stingray/Sterling 5 partial trades (so, + cash) as well.

    This is one of the most beautiful basses I've ever played. The craftsmanship is incredibly and the bass can pull a variety of tones. The sound can go from a great R&B singlecoil zing to dark fat middie sounds. I really love this bass but it's competing with the CallowHill I have at the moment and the sound and the weight of that thing just can't be beat.

    Some clips of the bass can be found here. (The 'Belle-Phonics' recordings.) http://brettwilliams.com.au/music.html

    The specs:
    KXB -5 Xtreme
    Top - Spalted Maple
    Body- soft maple
    Neck - hard maple
    Neck profile thickness- thin .760"- 1st fret -12th fret -.850"
    Fingerboard - ebony with a spalted maple overlay -24 frets
    Pickups- Bartolini XXP25 CX soapbars
    Electronics - Bartolini NTMB 4.6 A/P -3 band eq
    Bridge - Hipshot 19mm
    Tuners -Hipshot Ultralites
    Condition: Mint

    List price is about $6k USD
    Looking for$3850 AUD. (firm)

  2. Bump for accepting Musicman 5er trades too.
  3. Bump.
  4. SOLD.

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