SOLD FS/FT feeler: Modded Geddy Lee Jazz

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  1. I never thought I'd sell this bass. It has been with me through many many great adventures. I play tested 3 GLs at a Guitar center before deciding to take this one home with me in 2006. It is not only the best Geddy I've tried, but it also the best playing and sounding Jazz I've ever owned. But alas, my heart is with another. I've fallen for P basses. I keep thinking it would be great to have a jazz around, but I just keep picking up my P anymore. My ennui is your gain!

    She's got some mods. Oh does she have some mods. Here we go:

    Hipshot Xtender + matching HB2 machines
    Aluminum Hipshot A-Style Bridge
    Dimarzio Area J pickups
    250k Push-pull Series/Parallel tone pot with Orange Drop capacitor
    Custom 3-ply B/W/B pickguard with pickup cover and 70s-spec thumb rest
    Recently set up with DR Sunbeams 45-105
    *no original parts or hardware will be included. The BAII now lives on my P bass. However, the Hipshot bridge is a major upgrade for 3 reasons: gives this particular bass a bit more bite and growl, better lateral spacing (the strings now lay between the pole pieces unlike the BAII, and quick-loading stringing)

    The good, the bad, and the ugly:

    The bridge was professionally moved forward 5/16ths of an inch because of intonation issues with the factory placement. The bass now intonatates perfectly. You can't tell this repair was done unless you take the bridge off.
    The most noticeable holes are the former bridge cover mounting holes. They started out as innocent mounting holes, but the paint chipped around the holes. When I decided to no longer sport the ashtray cover, I filled the holes/chips with wood putty and topped with black touch-up paint. It's not the prettiest job. These blemishes are about the size of shirt buttons. If you want to use the included ashtray, they will cover the holes (the screws will easily thread into the puttied holes).
    There are also filled-in holes under the pick guard prior failed accessory mounting. (The current pick guard holes are perfect).
    There is a minor clear coat chip on the back of the headstock and some minor dings on the back of the neck.
    Some belt rash on the back, and some bumps and bruises on the front. Lastly, a 1/2" chip of paint around the neck pocket chipped off when removing the neck. It is touched up with black laquer paint.
    Exactly 9.42lbs. Not bad for a CIJ Jazz.

    The upgraded hardware is relatively new and in great condition.

    The bottom line is, either you'll get the bass refinished or get by with her war marks. Totally up to the buyer.

    *Price and shipping update:
    $600 shipped CONUS or Shipito suite address only. I have a perfect box to ship the bass, however, I will need to remove the neck (easy). I will bubble wrap the bejesus out of all parts and insure for $1K.
    I can add a hardshell case for $75 more to cover packing supplies and added shipping costs. PM me for details.

    I live in the DC area. Please feel free to PM me if you live close by and want to come check it out/play it in person.

    Here are the only trades I will consider:
    Ampeg PF-500 amp (cash on your end)
    Fender Classic (MIJ) 70s P bass in white (cash on my end depending on condition/upgrades)
    Good condition Rickenbacker 4003 (I know this is contradictory, but always wanted one... quite a bit of cash on my end if I'm temped enough!)
    I may also be temped by other maple-neck MIA/CIJ P basses. Try me if you have something!

    I'm off to a good start with feedback in the TB classifieds. My eBay handle is "bleubass." Please check out my perfect feedback.

    Bass angle by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    Treble angle by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    Untitled by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    Bridge shot by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    CIJ baby! by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    Headstock finish chip by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    Med-low action by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    Nut shot by theryanhallway, on Flickr
    Neck dings by theryanhallway, on Flickr
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    Apr 22, 2011
  3. Replied. Weight is 9.4lbs on the bathroom scale.
  4. Humpday bumpday. I have a deal in the works, but she's not off the market until I have $$ in my PayPal. Cheers!
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    Apr 22, 2011
    Did you get my other PM's?
  6. thobie


    Sep 4, 2011
    my god what a beauty she is
  7. All PM's received and replied.
  8. TGIF Bump! Potential sale in progress, but you never know. PM me if you are interested.
  9. Kris Kross will make ya bump bump.
  10. Getting final confirmation of sale from prospective buyer tonight, but until there is $$ in my PayPal, she is on the market. Make me an offer! The right trades are cool too (see list).
  11. Updated shipping and price details.
  12. Humpday Bumpday 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    Now accepting reasonable offers. Also expanded trade list.
  13. Don't want to sell on evilBay. This bass plays too nice and is too tonally versatile for that crowd ;) Feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse. BTW - sound clips/videos are available. PM me if you want to hear some great tones and some really sloppy slap (my fault, not the bass's).
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