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FS/FT: Fender 400 PRO Combo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassphreak, May 17, 2011.

  1. bassphreak

    bassphreak Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    Lehigh Valley Area, PA
    Up for sale or trade is my Fender 400 Pro Combo. Great bass combo amp that can hold it's own. I've had for a while and looking to move back to a head/cab rig. I run a Line 6 POD so I don't use the EQ.

    Amp is in great shape. Only used for practice since I've had it. No rips, tears, smells, etc. I don't have the korg tuner, the original owner had removed before I bought it. There is a single rack space for a power conditioner, preamp, tuner, effects, etc. Has removable casters so it's very portable (except when you need to go up and down steps :) It's 80lbs so shipping really isn't an option.

    Asking $400. Found a nice half stack local that I'd like to pick up but will consider trade for/toward a nice rig, head or cab - hartke, peavey, ashdown. ampeg, gk,etc..

    Other trades: Nice power Amp, Fender Jazz 24, Schecter Cali Custom Jazz, Schecter Ultra. Something along those lines.


    Fender 400 PRO Bass Combo Amp Features:

    Based on the venerable Bassman 400C
    350W combo
    2 cast-frame Eminence 10" speakers
    5-band EQ includes a 3-band semi-parametric with gain control and on/off switch
    Enhance switch emphasizes highs and lows
    Variable compressor
    Room balance for extreme acoustics
    Mute switch
    Built-in Korg DTR-1000 rackmount tuner
    Balanced XLR line out with pre/post EQ switch
    Ground lift and level control for line out
    Tuner output
    Effects loop
    Single-button footswitch for EQ
    Cab covered in Ozite industrial carpeting with stackable corners and removable casters

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