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FS/FT: Fender style Bass neck with/without tuners

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by SRT80, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. I've got a bass neck that should pretty much work for a Precision or Jazz bass. I just bought this neck on ebay and the neck did fit my bass (SX), but the holes did not line up. The holes are the same patern as my SX neckplate though. Just when the neck is placed on the body they seem to be a little off. I was wanting to get a replacement neck for a project SX that would bolt right on without any extra work. I just bought a Squier PBass and I think I'd rather try and use that neck.

    I bought the neck as "new" but there are a few flaws. The tuners do show some scratches. It really isn't too bad. Also, there are some scratches in the fretboard as well. Maybe 3 or 4. But they are small and only really show up in bright light. This doesn't bother me. But, I'm not a picky person when it comes to these things though. I thought I should mention that.

    This is info from the auction where I purchased the neck.

    * 1 5/8 at the nut

    * Maple w/rosewood fretboard

    * Smooth satin finish

    * Accessible truss rod

    This neck takes a 3/16 wrench for the truss rod. I thought the truss might have been messed up because my wrench (SX) didn't fit. Turns out it was just too small and the truss rod works.

    I have 2 options here. I can sale the neck complete with the tuners and string tree for $45 shipped. I paid $60.


    You can buy the neck only without tuners/string tree for $35 shipped. I don't mind keeping the tuners.

    I might be interested in a trade as well.

    Could use:

    * Chrome P Bass bridge/pickup covers
    * Tortoise P Bass pickguard
    * Chrome Jazz Bass pickup cover

    Or you can let me know what you have if interested.


    with tuners/string tree




    without tuners/string tree




    Payment by Paypal is preferred. Also, I ship through UPS. So, no shipping to PO Boxes.

  2. BUMP

    Gonna list this on ebay this evening around 8:30p.m. I gotta credit card bill comin' in at the middle of the month. :crying: :help: :p

  3. Neck has been listed on ebay with a starting bid of $9.99


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