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FS/FT: Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord Pedal

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by bassphreak, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Putting up my very recently acquired Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord pedal. Just grabbed it last week on TB. The Fishman is in mint, like new condition. It's just not my thing.

    Very cool and unique effect pedal. Generates octave above, fourth below octave, and fifth above octave and a "Power chord" option generates octave above, with fourth and fifth above that. Tone, Overdrive, and Noise Gate controls. Mixed output or effect output only.

    There are some very cool tests on youtube. Great for power trio's but it's not my thing. It doesn't fit with my very poor playing style and preference for a very heavy tone (warm thick mudd).

    Comes with original box and manual, no power adapter but uses a standard 9V battery. Long battery life from what I can tell.

    Only asking what I grabbed it for last week - [DEL]$190[/DEL] NOW $175 SHIPPED

    Or will trade for other bass related gear - pedals, preamps, lightweight heads, or a good wireless system.

    Trade Bait:

    - Zoom B3
    - MXR Bass OD Deluxe
    - Sansamp BDDI, Prog or BDDI Deluxe
    - VT or VT Deluxe
    - POG or POG2
    - Microsynth
    - Super Synth
    - Pitch Factor
    - ValveDrive
    - MB LMII head or GK MB500 or SVT7
    - G30 wireless

    Attached Files:

  2. I also have any interest in dark, dirty OD pedals :)
  3. Bump and Price drop to $175 Shipped.
  4. ON HOLD. Trade Pending.

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