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FS/FT (for OD or Comp): Raven Las APD-1 active / passive DI box

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Ricky Caboverde, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. Ricky Caboverde

    Ricky Caboverde Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2004
    Miami, FL
    Ideally I'm looking for a straight trade for a Myco Three pedal, but I am open for trades/partial trades that include a compressor or overdrive pedal. --- Or will sell for $225

    The APD-1 is a direct box that uses a unique transformer custom made by Mercury Magnetics. It also includes a high quality effects loop, variable gain switch, 2 inputs with individual mute switches, a phase switch, and an fx "to amp only" switch. This is a serious studio quality direct box with incredible clarity and response. The condition is about a 7.5-8/10 because of some slight paint rub or chipping on the bottom edges...not bad at all and I am being perhaps more critical than necessary. I believe I am not mistaken in saying that this is the rarest of all of Steve Rabe's units.

    Front panel features
    • Two independent inputs, each with their own In/Out switch.
    • Side chain effects loop with Blend Control.
    • Effects Assign Switch. Effects can be routed to both the XLR and To Amp jack, or just to the Amp output.
    • Passive Phase Reverse switch. Affects XLR out only.
    • XLR Pad with -20dB, -10dB, 0, and +6dB positions.
    • Mute switch with red LED indicator.
    • Power switch with green LED indicator.

    Rear panel features
    • To Amp jack. This sends the input signal to an amplifer or other unbalanced input.
    • Tuner send. Being on a side chain and isolated, it will not load down the
    • instrument.
    • Effects Send and Receive jacks.
    • Balanced XLR out with Ground Lift switch.
    • A/C adapter In jack.
    • Dual 9 volt battery holder.


    **All measurements taken with fresh 9 volt batteries.SS

    • Input Impedance, both channels: 10 Meg Ohms.
    • Maximum Input Signal: 3 volts RMS.
    • Maximum Output Signal: 6 volts RMS.
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 60KHz, +0, -1dB.
    • Distortion: 0.008%, 20Hz to 20KHz. Output level 0dB, load: 1K ohm.
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: greater than -95dB, unweighted.
    • Output Impedance: To Amp, Effects Send, Tuner jacks: 100 ohms.
    • Effects Return Jack Input Impedance: 22K ohms minimum.
    • Output Impedance: XLR out: 600 ohms CT
    • Output Transformer:
    • Core Material: High permeability nickel.
    • Wire: Oxygen free, high purity copper magnet wire.
    • Winding construction: Trifiler wound, fully symmetrical close coupling with balanced DCR. Wide bandwidth design with full isolation and low insertion loss.
    • Chassis: All steel, powdercoated.
    • Size: 6.7î W x 1.75î H x 6.25î D.
    • Weight: Approximately 2 lbs





  2. Ricky Caboverde

    Ricky Caboverde Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2004
    Miami, FL

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