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SOLD FS/FT: Gallien Krueger 1001RBII With MINOR Defect $305.00

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by BassSurfer, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. For sale or for trade is a super clean Gallien Krueger 1001RBII that was literally just purchased on Monday from our very own georgestrings, who was phenomenal throughout the entire transaction process, an excellent guy to talk to and to work with!

    This amp sounds amazing, tons of clean, gritty (when it needs to be) and just a very LOUD amp in general. This amp will literally knock things down in your room or rehearsal room. I am sure everyone knows about it already but here are the specs anyway!

    Extremely high-current power supply
    High-current power amp circuitry
    700W to woofer
    50W to horn
    Electronic crossover for seamless 2-way sound
    4 bass-specific bands of active EQ
    5/4 string voicing switch
    Contour control
    Presence control

    NOW for the minor defect. Prior to the sale neither me, or the seller was aware of one issue that remained almost "hidden" in the amp. When I first wired everything up and got it going, it sounded AMAZING. It was the typical GK tone that I grew to love over the years. HOWEVER, after about 15 minutes or so, it started to cut out and lose volume, while distorting (think of a very saturated sound) and creating very unusual "envelope filtery" type sounds.. The problem persisted for about 10 minutes, but then quickly "changed" back to normal. This happened about two times and then it remained "regular" for the next hour or so.

    In conclusion, the amp is functional, but on SOME instances, it creates this weird distortion sound. It MAY need a pot cleaning, or something else. It may even be a SUPER easy fix for someone who knows a thing or two about repairs. I don't like fiddling with these things as much as I do with other electronics, so I am NOT going to attempt to fix it myself. I also don't really want to bring it to a tech at the moment because my favorite, reliable, tech is currently on vacation and won't be back for some time.

    This may be an easy fix, and it may never even happen again! There is no telling, but I need something where I know it can work 24/7 - 365. I just joined a new band and we have some shows coming up and I need something that has no issues whatsoever. I also tried everything (and I mean everything) to fix this problem. Speaker cables, speakon adapters, instrument cables, 9v batteries in my Ray, I tried cables in the effects inputs, tightened the input jacks.. everything! I even just contacted a relative who is at my house now (I am at work) and he said it has been working ALL morning from 7AM-10:30AM but then out of no where, went to the distortion sound again......strange..

    As far as trades go, through me what you got (amps only though, no basses, cabinets, effects, or anything else please)

    As far as for a sale, I was thinking around... $305.00 and I can split the shipping with you. Price is negotiable due to the defect..

    Money can be added or subtracted for the right deal.
    And now for the pictures....

    Please PM me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the purchase of this amp.









  2. TTT
  3. Primakurtz

    Primakurtz Registered Nihilist Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Oh, ok - I'll buy it!
  4. PM replied
  5. Verkauft!

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