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SOLD FS/FT: German Warwick Corvette Standard

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bassphreak, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. I have a mint 2009 Passive German Corvette Standard. I took this in on trade from the original owner. He didn't play it. The bass is in immaculate condition.

    Swamp Ash body. Antique Tobacco Oil Finish. Ovangkol neck. All passive. Thinner profile Warwick neck. Very very light. Lightest Warwick I've held.

    I've used it for rehearsals, some recordings and a few gigs but it won't unseat my Warwick $$.

    Comes with the Rockcase also in immaculate condition. Have the hang tags, the manual and most of the candy (missing the wax??)

    Looking for $600 plus shipping.

    Always looking for trades. Primarily looking to get a nice 5 string. But I will consider others and some 4 strings. Will trade up down or sideways.

    Top of the list:
    - Warwick 5 string (Corvette, Thumb, etc)
    - Fender Jazz V
    - Higher end Ibanez 5
    - Spector Rebop 5

    Also looking to try :

    - Ampeg PN210
    - Markbass CMD102P
    - Martin 000CXE acoustic (or similar)

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  2. Pic of the only blemish I can find (and one that I put there in the past few days drat)

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  3. Few more pics of the neck joint and the grain on the neck and fretboard. NO wear.

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  4. Hang tags.

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  5. joey uberhaxx

    joey uberhaxx

    Feb 21, 2014
    New York
    Not buying -- I have an older model of the same bass, I can attest to its beauty of tone, and it's sturdiness, gigginess, plus its natural wooden resonance. That playwear, ding, whatever you call it, would not affect the tone at all. People should be attracted to this offer, 600 is fair but if OP would do 650 & take care of shipping...
  6. moe.moe

    moe.moe Endorsed by Grace & Mercy ™ Supporting Member

    Jun 22, 2008
    You have a PM bro! :)
  7. All PMs responded. Feel free to throw 4 string offers out to, I'm not looking for anything specific. Worst I can say is no thanks.

    Joey - It would probably work out that way for most. I found it's better to separate shipping out lately. Shipping is high. If it's close it's cheap if it's far its more. Local you know what the price is.
  8. On hold pending payment.
  9. moe.moe

    moe.moe Endorsed by Grace & Mercy ™ Supporting Member

    Jun 22, 2008
    Funds sent brother!

    Thanks so much for everything!


  10. Sold and shipped!! Thanks Moe!

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