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  1. (closed last thread, reposted to include updated trade options)

    Picked this one up a while back. Love it, but I really need the capabilities of the acoustic model (I know the acoustic one isn't that loud, but unplugged, it's louder than the SUB, and that's really what I need)

    Cosmetically, it's not in the best condition. The finish on these things is known to flake off easily, and there are a couple of spots on the front and sides where this had happened. On the back, it got really bad, so I eased off some of the finish to try to get a uniform back. I got most of it pushed to the edges, except for a pesky spot near the middle. Mostly clean, but with some scratches and scuffs that don't go through the finish.

    Otherwise, it plays awesome. It's got the stock strings (not the Silver Rumblers), but it still sounds nice and deep, and the 2-band EQ gives you a great palette to shape the tone. Will ship in a non-original gig bag (still fits the bass well).

    $250 plus shipping. As for trades, just throw something my way. 4 strings and/or fretless preferred. No Squiers, please. All other offers considered.

    I also have a beater MIA Peavey Foundation 5 (w/ Super Ferrites) that I could throw in for a trade for a really good 5er.


    The cosmetic stuff:
  2. Big price drop. $240 shipped. Must be gone by Wednesday!
  3. Sold
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