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FS/FT: Line 6 bass pod xt live floor

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by BlackRiverBlues, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Super minty, no scratches, scuffs or dents. This floor board has only been played inside my house, no gigs with it. I'm at work @ the moment so i will post some pics later on. Im looking to get $300 shipped CONUS or 300-400 in trade value. Im mainly looking for a nice cab or a good backup bass. Here's some info from there site.

    The power of the Bass POD XT at your feet!

    The Line 6 Bass POD xt Live includes over 50 stompbox, synth, and studio effects; 28 amp models; and 22 cab and 4 mic models! 11 channel select and effect on/off footswitches mean easy control. Delivers 6 simultaneous effects that can be routed to meet your unique sonic needs. Features a dedicated compressor and 6-band semi-parametric EQ, discrete dry and modeled ouputs, biamp output mode with selectable crossover, USB I/O, and a Variax Bass digital input so you can call up a fully customized bass, amp, and effect setup--all by stepping on a single footswitch!

    Over 50 stompbox, synth, and studio effects
    28 amp models
    22 cab models
    4 mic models
    11 channel select and effect on/off footswitches
    Built-in volume/tweak pedal
    Delivers 6 simultaneous effects
    Effects can be routed to fit your style
    Dedicated compressor
    6-band EQ
    Discrete dry and modeled outputs
    Biamp output mode with selectable crossover
    USB digital I/O
    Variax Bass digital input
    Rugged steel construction

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