SOLD FS/FT Mike Browne 5

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  1. I really like this bass, it's just not me. Looking for a Pedulla (MVP5 or Pentabuzz), Ken Smith 5, maybe a Fender 5 or Stingray 5, maybe the right Ric. Maybe a fretless. Mainly looking for fivers, no 35" scales. May do a trade + $ on your end. $2400 sale price.

    Ok. Here's the specs:

    Body- Mahogany

    Top- Bocate

    Headstock- Bocate front and back

    Neck- Maple set neck

    Fretboard- Ebony with Bocate dots

    Preamp- Aquilar OBP-3

    Pickups- Nordstrand Big Singles

    Weight- under 9 lbs

    Scale- 34.5

    Spacing- 18MM

    Case- Brand new generic case

    Pics from last owner (looks EXACTLY the same still obviously)

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  2. Another pic:

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  3. On hold.
  4. Traded.

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