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  1. $65 shipped
    For your consideration is a Morley Pro Series II Bass Wah the blue edition. The great thing about Morley wahs is that they have a sensor that turns it on instead of pushing it forward to turn it on. Leaving you with feeling the groove while jamming on it. It is in great condition. I bought it brand new when I first started playing with bands near the 1999-2000 time frame. Never used to it just had money in my pocket when I was 16 with nothing to do with it. Eventually found it's way on my board this past year but I only use it on one song and my filter can get the tone pretty close. Asking $65 shipped using Paypal. Has velcro on back. I can remove if you want, but it might take the sticker with it. Pm with questions. The dust and dirt will be removed from the foot plate free of charge!!!

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    that thing is HUGE :p
    how does a sensor engage it, how does that work?

    and i don't know the technical way to ask this, but how "high" is it. like... how much distance from front to back , you know what i'm saying?
    i have a crybaby, but the distance is really short.
  3. Yea, Morleys tend to be on the bigger side, but they worked great for Cliff. All Morleys operate on an optical sensor. As soon as you step on the pedal and move it, it's activated. Alot easier then having to push it all the way forward to turn on like most. As far as the sweep goes, im guessing its pretty standard. Has a lot of different sounds depending on the position and it sounds killer with fuzz and distortion through it.
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    Hearnow... Morley wahs have a much greater sweep than the Dunlops. They actually provide some resistance, too, which I feel like Dunlops lack. The combination of those two traits make the Morley very expressive to play.
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