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FS/FT: Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by twocargar, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. We just switched to fiber optic Internet, so I have this Motorola Surfboard cable modem, model SB5101U for sale or trade. It's in great shape, and only about 6 months old.

    Includes cable modem, AC adapter, and short Ethernet cable. It worked fine for our Comcast cable Internet.

    $20 shipped or trade for volume pedal or expression pedal for a keyboard.


    Image is not of actual unit for sale. Please let me know and I will snap some photos of the unit and accessories.
  2. Jerry Ziarko

    Jerry Ziarko Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    What is the model number of the modem?
  3. Sorry about that, it's an SB5101U. Thanks! :D
  4. Hi speed Internet goodness bump
  5. Bump
  6. Sold!

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