SOLD FS/FT: MTD Kingston Z4 and MTD Kingston Heir 5

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    New York
    So in an effort to downsize I'm putting my beloved MTD Kingstons up for sale.

    MTD Kingston Z4: I've had this bass since 2011, where I bought from TB's very own Joe Milstein. SOLD!

    It's been a great bass, kept in a smoke free home, and has probably the most solid neck I've ever encountered on a bass. Never had to adjust it once. Since owning it, it's got a few light scratches. Other than that, there's some sign of wear on the finish on the back of the neck.

    I'm hoping to get $675 for the bass and the case shipped (CONUS only).

    Original for sale thread for the Z4: 2008 MTD Kingston Z4

    MTD Kingston Heir 5: Bought this right here in the classifieds from Gabriel51. Great bass, very versatile in terms of the tones you can get out of it. Absolutely phenomenal B-string. It's been definitely a joy to play. SOLD!

    Looking to get $550 (shipping included, CONUS only). This one doesn't have a case, but I'll make sure it's well protected when I ship it.

    Original for sale thread for the Heir 5:
    MTD Kingston Heir 5

    Photo of both basses: MTD Heir 5 and MTD Z4

    More photos below

    As for trades, I'm really interested in a Fender Road Worn Jazz bass (other Fender Jazzes too), preferably one with a rosewood fretboard. All prices are negotiable.
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  2. Headstock and back of neck of the Heir 5

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  3. Heir 5 front and back

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  4. Heir 5 knobs were replaced by the previous owner with wood knobs

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  5. Full shot of the bass

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  6. Hardshell case for the Z4 and the Z4 in the case

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  7. More shots of the body of the Z4

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  8. Two shots of the back of the neck on the Z4. The finish is starting to wear from playing (slight discoloration)

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  9. Back of the body of the Z4. Some light scratches on the back.

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  10. Heir 5 is sold! One more bass to go here people! Don't miss out on a fantastic bass!
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    Nov 12, 2009
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    Soooo tempted.
  12. Z4 still available bump! Price is negotiable!
  13. Z4 sold!
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