FS/FT: Peavey Dyna-Bass 4-string

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  1. Hi all. I am ready to move up to a 5-string bass so it's time to sell or trade my PV. My Dyna-bass is a handcrafted in the USA 4-string bolt-on model with rosewood fretboard, two PV Super Ferrite humbucking soapbar pups, 9v electronics are volume, blend, bass/mid/treble boost, active/passive bypass switch, black hardware, metallic gray body and neck, and is 34" scale.

    It's in great condition. 9/10. Only blemish is a tiny ding near the 1/4" jack which doesn't penetrate the paint. This bass has served me very well since I bought it about 5 years ago. It has needed no adjustments and stays in tune. There is no reason to sell or trade it except that I really want a 5-string. It's worth $300 (to me anyway), but I'd rather trade even or trade up for a comparable quality, preferably USA made, 5-string. If interested, please email or pm me.

    (Yes, it comes with a hard case that is heavy, made of wood and protects the bass very well, but it's pretty beat up so it's free.)

  2. Here are pictures of my Dyna-Bass.

    Again, I'd like to sell it for $300 obo, or trade up for the right 5-string.
  3. Lowered to $250 + shipping.
  4. One last time, lowered to $225 + shipping, or $250 shipped. This is a very very clean 4-string bass. PVs are underrated, which is unfortunate, because they are very solid basses, hand-crafted in the USA. The electronics are great. You will love the mid and treble boost in active mode -- very responsive!

    I will put this bass on eBay in a few days if I get no bites, so please take advantage if you're interested. Thanks everyone!
  5. Listed on eBay last night.