FS/FT: Pedaltrain Jr, ISO5, Feedback Loop

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by slend3r, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Prices are shipped and Paypal'd CONUS. No international shipping please.

    Gonna hold onto the Megaloop. Closing the thread.

    [DEL]Pedaltrain Jr w/ Soft Case: $70, pretty much like new except for the holes drilled on the bottom to mount the power supplies. It's been drilled for the ISO5, PP2 and Digital Power.

    Voodoo Labs ISO5: $85 This is like new as well, includes box, cables and mounting hardware.[/DEL]

    Noisemaker Effects Mageloop: $65 This is a one-off of his Infinity loop I had him custom make. Knob controls the amount of feedback, right FS is for bypass and left FS is a momentary for feedback. Super useful fun pedal. Megaman vs Metal Man artwork.

    Only trades I'm really looking for at the moment is either a Earthbound Audio Iron Pig, or a Fuzzrocious Rat Tail. Hit me up and we can work out a deal.

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  2. PT-Jr and ISO5 are gone.
  3. thedeadmelon


    Dec 2, 2008
    Is there any effect without any other pedals being plugged into the noisemaker? Or is it solely used to blend/loop multiple effects?
  4. It's a feedback loop. So it functions like a true-bypass loop, and the other footswitch sends the signal back to the input making some crazy feedback noises.

    Here's a video that shows some of the crazy noises you can get out of one. The only difference between the one in the video and mine is addition of the momentary footswitch.
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