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SOLD FS/FT Pre-Fender Kubicki Ex-Factor

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by capnsandwich, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Ok, I want to trade this but no one's biting so I may try to sell this for $700 + shipping. I may entertain some bargaining but for right now that's my opening price. I really need a 5'er.

    I got this bass from Kitsapbass in a trade for a 5 string. This bass sounds and feels amazing. It's a great bass to shred on or slap. The slap tone is amazing. The pickups are EMG 35j's and have amazing tone. The preamp has been replaced with an EMG B/T and is wired like a jazz bass, (Volume, Volume, Bass Treble stacked). This bass cuts through the mix better than any P-bass I've played and really gets heard in loud venues.

    This bass has seen plenty of gigs so it's got some dings in the finish. The bass has no playing issues whatsoever. These dings do not effect the playability of this bass at all. After all, the bass is from 1988 but sounds just as good or better than any high end jazz bass out there. I'll put it up against any Fender CS jazz.

    I'm looking for a nice 5 string jazz with an active preamp. Fenders are nice but I'd like the string spacing to be 19mm at the bridge. I know Fender's spacing is around 17.5-18mm but that's fine. I just don't like anything tighter since that's the whole reason I traded away my Tobias.

    I'm kind of reluctant to trade this since I love the tone so much. I love the feel of this since it's only a 32 inch scale bass but my gigging life requires a 5 string and I have only 1 of those. I really need a back up 5'er. Who knows, if I can get the right deal I may just trade you.

    Here's the pics I have. PM me for more if you'd like.

  2. This is a give away at that price people....
    If I did not already have a yellow one of these your would be mine
    Luck on the sale :)
  3. Rich L

    Rich L

    May 17, 2006
    Ft Myers, FL
    Mid, sell me your yellow so you can buy his!!!

    That is a ridiculously low price and I'm really surprised it's still around!
  4. I'm kind of suprised it's still around myself. I guess people just aren't aware of what these babies are capable of. Oh well, thank you guys for acknowledging this. I just stuck a brand new set of Sadowsky Blue Label SS string on her and she sounds AMAZING! I almost don't want to get rid of her now. I wish I didn't need a back up fiver.
  5. christopher1


    Dec 6, 2007
  6. Need to sell this to get a 5 string bass I can use right now. Dropping the price to $700 + shipping. Still open for bargaining.
  7. This baby is SOLD!!!

    Thanks for all the interest guys.

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