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FS/FT PT Jr. w/ Softcase

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by coolrunner989, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. 65 shipped!! It's in great condition, industrial strength velcro on the rails - killer deal!

    DC brick not included :D
    The softcase is in very good condition as well, some minor scratches on the front, but clean.

    I'm also forced to sell my pretty much new tascam US-144 digital interface. Two inputs at a time, mac/pc friendly, easy to set up and use. Comes with cubase LE, a very nice recording program. These are $150 new, I'll let it go for $100 shipped!
    I'll get pics of my unit if necessary, but I've had it out of the box maybe twice, comes with all documents etc. etc.

    I'll also throw in two 5' XLR cables with the Tascam - each were 15 bucks at GC!
  2. bumpage
  3. bump - 75 shipped!
  4. PM for possible trade...
  5. Bump! I need these sold guys!
  6. update - if you want both I'll make it $140 + shipping!
  7. pt. jr. is sold!
  8. bump - nobody needs to do some dual-track recording?
  9. Bump - there's no bites by this weekend I'll have to put it up on ebay

    I'd also trade towards an EHX BMS, EBS multicomp, etc..
  10. bump - please?

    to clarify, the PT jr. is sold!

Thread Status:
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