FS/FT: QSC PLX2502 Power Amp MINT!!!!!

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  1. darkrising


    Oct 20, 2007
    I bought this QSC PLX2502 Power Amp a little while back to trade a fellow TB'er for his amp but things fell through after I received it. So it has basically in like new condition in it's original box. Here is a link to pics and specs:


    Here are specs as well:

    QSC PLX2502 Professional Power Amplifier Features:

    * Stereo: 1250W/ch @ 2 ohms, 750W/ch @ 4 ohms, 450W/ch @ 8 ohms
    * Bridged mono mode: 2500W @ 4 ohms, 1500W @ 8 ohms
    * Very lightweight (21 lbs.)
    * Advanced cooling design with front exhaust
    * Power, clip, -10dB, and signal present LEDs
    * Front-panel gain controls
    * Balanced XLR inputs with TRS connectors
    * PowerLight power supply
    * Clip limiting
    * Thermal limiting
    * Speakon NL4 and binding post outputs
    * 100Hz high-pass and low-pass filters for bi-amping subwoofer and satellite systems without the need for an external crossover
    * Switchable/defeatable 33Hz infrasonic filters protect woofers from over-excursion damage
    * Switchable/defeatable clip limiters

    I will post pics asap! I am looking to get $600 obo for it and as far as trades go not looking for anything in particular so feel free to run things by me.

    PM with any questions and thanks for looking!!!!!!
  2. darkrising


    Oct 20, 2007
    Back up for sale Bump!!!!!!!
  3. darkrising


    Oct 20, 2007
    Bump for some killer trade offers but nothing solid yet..... This amp is powerful and loud so don't miss out!!!!!!!
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    Aug 23, 2006
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    Dec 19, 2006
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    sent pm a few days ago with no reply ... sorry to be redundant but I'll send it again. :)
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    any interest in a EA CXL 112?
  7. pm'd you on this one too! haha