SOLD FS/FT: Roscoe Century Signature IV

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by ceerod, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Looking for a killer 4 banger? Up for sale/trade is my Roscoe Century Signature IV.

    Having played mostly 5’ers since the late 90’s I just can’t seem to get used to switching back and forth between a 4 & 5 so I’ve decided to let this beauty go to replace it with a 5 string. This was my 1st Roscoe and I’ve been totally impressed by the tone, playability, build quality and looks of this bass.

    Mint condition. I bought it up from the original owner on eBay 2/2013. His story was that it was purchased and stored in the OHSC, never played. I’d have to believe that because I can’t find a scratch, ding, blemish anywhere.

    If you haven’t played a Roscoe before, the extended upper horn makes it super comfy to play, very well balanced. Body woods and wenge fingerboard give it a killer warm tone. Super light too, using the bathroom scale I get 7.8 lbs.

    As you’ll see in the pics below the Signature has a nice thick top compared to the thinner one found in the Standard and Standard Plus models.

    Sale price $2,200 shipped and insured in the original Roscoe case along with letter from Keith Roscoe. PayPal and CONUS only please. Trade value $2,800. MSRP new for this with case is about $4,800 with a street price of around $3,600.

    Trades considered for: (sorry, not interested in anything else besides these).
    Sadowsky 5-string (prefer PJ and maybe JJ pickups)
    Ken Smith 5-string
    Roscoe Century 5-string (prefer PJ and maybe JJ pickups)

    Exhibition Grade Quilted Maple Top
    Swamp Ash body
    Natural Finish
    Bartolini Pickups
    Bartolini BTNB Preamp
    5 piece maple/checken/purpleheart wedge neck
    Wenge fingergoard
    Hand carved graphite nut
    Hipshot bridge
    Hipshot ultralight tuners
    Roscoe form-fit case












  2. jdy

    jdy Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    I'll take it! PM sent.
  3. Wow that was quick! PM replied. Sale pending.
  4. jdy

    jdy Supporting Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    Payment sent!
  5. Listed, sold, payment received and shipped...and all in about 12 hours. Thanks JDY and TalkBass you rock! :bassist:
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