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SOLD FS/FT: Schecter AB1 Avenger Bass - Intl OK

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bassphreak, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Closed the old thread since it was very cluttered.

    I picked this up a while back for it's coolness factor. The Avenger is a rare, discontinued Schecter bass model. The only Avenger basses they make now are the neck through Dale Stewart models for like $900. It took me a while to find one.

    These were only made for a few years in the late 90s and the early 2000's I think. This one looks to be a 99 based on the SN.
    Black, 24 fret, EMG Hz pickups and 9v preamp,that early style inverted Schecter headstock. Strung up with a set of Black Beauties that still don't have many hours on them.

    It has a 1.5 nut and a Ibanez like neck. It has a lot of tonal options, plays well and fast. It just doesn't get played.

    The bass is in very good condition. The neck and frets are good. Electronics are good. There are a few things I will point out. The paint on this is sub par in my opinion. It's a little thick and wavy. Hard to photo since it's black. There are the customary swirls that you get with gloss black basses that also doesn't show up well in pics.

    Finally and most importantly: there were a few nicks and dings on the back and one chip on the corner. I filled in the chip and touched up the paint with black modeling paint (all my basses are black so it comes in handy). It's not the best job but the wood is protected. It's on the back and not visible from the front. From the front the bass is in near excellent condition.

    I could keep it as a wall hanger since it has a certain coolness factor, but I'd rather see if I can grab something else.

    $275 plus actual shipping - USPS ground. International shipping is OK, but bass will be disassembled. Must have good history at TB for intl deals.

    Will trade up, down, sideways. Figure I higher trade value. I see this as on par with a MIM Fender. Also. I can throw in a Sansamp BDDI Deluxe and/or X2 wireless with the Avenger.

    May consider some trade options: Trade Bait:

    - Fender P , J or similar,
    - MM SUB, or
    - Ibanez Sr800 or other PJ Ibanez
    - student sized electric/acoustic guitar (6 string).

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  2. Added additional pics of the front/back of the body.

    also updated trade bait.

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  3. Bump.
  4. Bump for offers.
  5. Back up. A few trade offers trickling in but not what I'm looking for.
  6. Hump-day bump.
  7. back up for the weekend...
  8. Bump: Looking for an acoustic or semi-hollow bass now for a new project.
  9. bday bump....let's move this!
  10. Still here. Put it up for consignment but still available and I can pull at anytime.
  11. back up anyone need a 'best bass for metal' :)
  12. would consider a small lightweight combo trade. 1x10/1x12 less than 35lbs.
  13. Still around. Back up.
  14. TTT
  15. Back up. I'll consider other trades - Ibanez SR800, Fender P, Squier Freeman. Maybe a 5 string.
  16. TTT - Still here. Collecting Dust at this point :)
  17. Had a few offers and inquiries but still available.
  18. Back up - local deal fell through.
  19. back up. anyone?
  20. Still here. Great player. Fun bass.

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