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    Apr 7, 2005
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    FS/FT : Speaker Cables

    ALL TRADE OFFERS ARE WELCOME! (Mostly looking for bass effects - or a power amp)

    Like everyone else, I am cleaning house for the new year. This listing is for 2 speaker cables that have probably about 12 hours of use each (if that). I bought WAY too many cables, and I've settled on my current configuration, so these are up for sale now. - In addition to what's shown here, I also have a couple shorter length (3'-5') 14ga zip cord for sale (pm me) That's what I'm currently using with speakons.

    3' Speakon-Speakon Rocket Music cable - SOLD! [DEL]$25 Shipped[/DEL]

    3' 1/4"-1/4" Cable from Music 123 (I think) - SOLD! [DEL]$20 Shipped[/DEL]

    10' 1/4"-1/4" Monster cable (older performer series) - TRADED! [DEL]$25 Shipped[/DEL]

    25' 1/4"-1/4" Musician's Friend cable (not pictured) - $20 Shipped




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