SOLD FS/FT: Spector Euro 4LX, The Achy Breaky bass!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Kwesi, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Here is my Euro 4LX which is still, honestly, the only 4 string I would ever need but another Spector has caught my eye and my GAS so this ones back on the block!

    The previous owner of this bass was Dave Moody, bass player for Billy Ray Cyrus! Some TBers have dubbed it the Achy Breaky bass but Mr. Moody goes with the name Blondie #19 which is taped (with masking tape, so it's easy to remove) onto it's case. There is some wear in the "slap spot", some pretty heavy wear next to the P pickup where the previous owner rested his thumb, the back of it is a little dull, and finally there is some barely noticeable wear where the arm rests. The gold plating on "players side" of the bridge is worn a bit as well.

    I am actually in a rush to sell this because the bass I'm after could be bought by anyone at any time but I'd be perfectly happy to keep this :). It will be shipped in a fitted Spector hardcase packed and boxed well enough to stop bullets.

    I'll let this one go for $1050 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. International shipping is cool too if you can pay the shipping!

    Trade-wise I'm really after, either a Spector Euro 4LX-EX Poplar Burl, Warwick Streamer 4 (no doublebucks), or a Roscoe 5 or 6er. I will however, consider any offers that fit my preferences. My general criteria remain the same: Modern basses both in aesthetic and tone. I generally favor the hi-fi, low-mid growl that seems to be a that Fodera, Ken Smith, Alembic, Warwick, and other high end basses seem to share. Also, 24 frets is a plus with clear access up to the 24th fret being an even bigger plus.

    You can hear/watch a clip of me playing the 6 here:

    The two basses are very tonally similar so I figure the video of the 6 gives you an idea of how versatile this bass is. They are naturally aggressive and growly and with the Tonepump pre you can either accentuate that or mellow it out depending on what style of music you play. I have yet to play a song that I could not find a good sound for from this bass.

    And here are the pics!
    I'd say the first pic best represents the bass' true color






    Get it while you can because sale or not, this bass won't be here for too long :D.
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  3. TTT!
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    I cannot believe you are selling this! This is a great bass and if I had the cash, I would snag this in a second. Good luck on the sale Kwesi!!!
  5. I wouldn't be selling it if that sweet Euro 4LX-EX hadn't popped up on eBay, but tit's been sold so this is off the block! Mine, mine, mine :D!
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