FS/FT Spring 6 - a boutique bass with history (Anthony Jackson replica)

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Hi guys,
    Spring 6, a kind of 'Anthony Jackson' model: it's not the original Fodera, it was made by a very famous and experienced luthier in my country, called Tibor Megyesi. 10 years ago he has made this bass for Pal Vasvari, probably the most popular Hungarian bass player ever, who used to play with superstars like Mike Stern, Spyro Gyra, Dennis Chambers, Dean Brown, Russel Ferrante, etc. etc.
    This model is based on the original AJ6 with a few modifications, which IMO makes it perhaps even better for a usual player: it's 34' instead of 36', its body is maple, the neck is a 5 piece neckthrough, fingerboard is ebony, singlecut body, 28 frets (!) like on the original Fodera AJM, all passive like the original, and it has only volume control with a push/pull selector to switch between series and paralell. Pickup is a Bartolini P4, a perfect choice. The voice is incredible: it's solid, warm, growling, in the high registers it sounds like a full sounding jazz guitar.
    The neck is a dream, the B string is literally the best I have ever had in my hands!
    By the way the bass is really beautiful, and the craftmanship is just amazing. This is one of the best basses ever made in Europe. (Tamas Barabas told me that its value should be way over 4000 EUR)
    Of course, it is a unique instrument, but still perfect for a lot of genres: fusion, jazz, ethno, funk, etc.
    I have traded this bass from Mr. Vasvari personally about a year ago, no one else used it in the last decade.

    Here you can listen to it:
    Pal Vasvari Band Plays "Freedomland" By Russell Ferrante - YouTube
    Pal Vasvari Band Plays "Solid" By Dean Brown - YouTube

    FT: Fender US jazz bass or precision, before 1980 or after 2008 ;-)
    FS: 2200 EUR cash including shipping to the EU.

    Paypal is preferred.

  2. dezspet


    Mar 21, 2007
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