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fs/ft squier classic vibe, fender/squier jazz, fender parts jazz, vintage p

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by jamestown94west, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. im trying to clear some room to get some new basses. i finally found my work horse bass for my original rock band. im gonna start playing with a working cover band as well, and i want some different gear to do that with. so, im either looking to sell this stuff, or trade for a new bass. i could possibly be talked into trading for the right amp, but im really more interested in basses.

    the magic number here is 4. i decorated my baby boys room with my gear, and have 4 basses hanging on the wall. the goal is to not have any empty hangers on the wall when the dust settles from all this. however, if i have to make a package deal to get the right trade, i will.

    i cannot and will not put up any money towards a deal. on my end, im only looking to sell, or trade, not buy or partial trade. shipping will be expensive enough, and hard enough to pass by the old lady. i dont need anymore financial burden than that.

    first up is a squier classic vibe 50s p bass. i love this bass, its kind of difficult to type this right now. however, as much as i LOVE the look, feel, and playability of this bass, ive been chasing a tone with it the whole time ive owned it. i cant get it to sound right to me. ive gigged with it, recorded with it, and rehearsed with it a lot. but, im always going back to my jazz bass. the bass a load of upgrades. they are-

    back of neck scuffed smooth

    classic vibe high mass bridge with brass saddles (stock was steel saddles)

    CTS pots

    upgraded cap (i forget what kind of capacitor it has, but it was upgraded with the pots)

    switch craft output jack

    copper shielding in all cavities

    seymour duncan antiquity II

    chrome pickup cover

    black dunlop strap locks

    custom b/w/b pick guard

    ghs pressure wounds

    this bass plays great. its balanced well, it feels good in my hands, when standing, it feels like im wearing it, like its a nicely worn old t shirt that fits just right. the pressure wounds fit this bass like they were specifically made for it. they are a perfect match to this bass. if you cant tell, i really liked this bass, and tried hard to make it work for me. as much as i love it, my jazz is still my favorite, and my go-to.

    i have several pics of the bass, and can take more, but i feel like this is the coolest pic of the bass that i have. in the photo you might notice the bass doesnt have the aforementioned pickup cover. i gigged this bass the day i got, so i hadnt had a chance to make any of my own changes to it. the brass saddle bridge, antiquity II, and pickup cover all came later.


    next up is a parts bass i recently acquired. i got the body loaded off of a fellow tb'er. its a midnight wine fender mim body, all parts pick guard, all EMG electronics. im not sure of the exact model of the pickups. they are active, the control circuit is all there and installed in a clean, professional manner. theres a 9v battery in the control cavity. i bought a brand new wilkinson chrome bridge with brass saddles for it. it has black dunlop strap locks. heres the kicker with this bass. i got a crappy deal on a trade on craigslist, and ended up stuck with this neck. its an 80s korean squier II jazz neck. the truss rod has been over tightened, and it broke the the truss rod, and cracked the fret board between the nut, and the first fret. the frets also need to be leveled, and crowned. the neck is playable if you like medium action. i actually used this bass setup this way for awhile, and it worked fine. im still mad at myself over this deal. i wanted to have a nice jazz bass with active electronics. but this neck is bothering me so bad i think im ready to let go of the whole bass and move on to something else. i cant play the bass without being reminded that i let myself get screwed. the neck does still have the original "licensed by schaller" tuners, so thats kinda cool. id like to sell this all together as a whole bass. im not interested in parting it out unless youre willing to trade me something awesome, like a warwick or something. that may sound ridiculous, but itd have to be something ridiculous before id be willing to part the bass. (note- i dont actually expect someone to trade me a warwick, or any other $1k+ bass, i was just trying to make a point)

    heres the crack, its hard to see-

    heres the bass the night i put the neck on it-

    heres the bass the morning after, all done, and strung with black beauties-

    those are the two basses im willing to let go of. i will sell them, or trade them, and thats fine. i have two more basses im going to list, and they will be for trade only. i will not sell them without having another bass to replace them with. im not as willing to let go of these basses, because they are my main players, they are my babies, they are very nice basses, and i treat them better than i treat some people.

    first we have a parts built jazz bass. i got this bass from a fellow tb'er. ive changed quite a bit on the bass since i got it. when i first got it, i was told the body was mij fender, and the neck was USACG. the neck is definitely USACG, and im fairly sure the body is mij, i dont see anything that makes me doubt it. it has hipshot ultra lite tuners, badass II bridge, all parts mint green pickguard, stock fender mim wiring, dimarzio model j pickups, and ive been playing ernie ball hybrid slinkys on it. the neck is oil finished, side position markers only, and extended fret. the bass balances well, plays well, holds tune perfectly, sounds like a mack truck plowing through a brick wall if you want it to, can pur like a kitten if you want it to, and if you got the right touch, you can just about get a "mwah" out of it too. i suspect the body has the original paint job on it. its black, and shows some scuffs, maybe a small inconspicuous ding here or there. i never cared too much about that stuff coz i intended to play the snot out of this bass when i got it, and thats exactly what ive done with it. it has consistently remained my go-to bass for awhile now. its always in tune when i pick it up, even stays in tune after being transported in a gig bag. string to string balance is great, the pickups respond well to the volume and tone knobs, and i get lots of compliments on this bass from other players. its kind of ugly, and i kind of wanted it that way. i intentionally set this bass up this way, and it works great for me. i would only be willing to trade this bass for something of equal value, and of equal personal worth to me. i will be very picky about this one. im only putting this bass on here in the off chance someone has a much more expensive bass to offer me in trade for the p bass im getting ready to list, and i can make a 2 for 1 trade. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY I WOULD LET GO OF THIS BASS, PERIOD.

    im really not willing to go take pics of this bass, the only pics of it i have are performance pics. in the event that a serious trade offer comes along involving this bass, i will happily take pictures of it for the potential new owner.


    this next bass is something that has a lot of sentimental value to me. its a 1978 fender precision with a fretless all maple neck. heres the link to a thread i started when i first disassembled the bass and had the body refinished http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f8/should-i-refinish-my-78-p-862648/index4.html
    i think that right there will cover most of the specs and stuff on the bass. i will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about it. again, just like the black jazz above, i will only trade this bass.


    squier classic vibe bass - $250

    fender/squier jazz with bad neck - $220

    fender parts jazz - trade value $650

    fender fretless p - trade value $1200

    i only have one case i can let go of right now. its a squier hardshell case that is beat up pretty good, but still holds up fine and will protect its contents just like its supposed to. i will include it with the sale or trade of a bass for an additional $40 cash or $40 in trade value.

    since i only have the one case to sell or trade, that means three of these basses have no case. if you need me to ship in a case, i can buy one to ship it in, but the cost of the case will be added to price of the bass.

    all shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. id really like to keep this in the CONUS. i do my best with everything i sell or trade to pack as well as i can, and find the best shipping rates i can.

    i can accept paypal, but id honestly prefer a postal money order. i know that slows down the process by a few days, but its so much easier, and cheaper than paypal.

    now as for trades, i have some specific basses in mind. im going to list exactly what im looking for, then make a less specific list that covers a little more turf. im always open to anything though, so if i dont mention it here, and you have a trade idea, run it by me. sometimes i dont know what i want until someone else shows it to me!

    heres what will get my heart racing, these basses could be fretted, or fretless, and preferably 4 string, but 5 strings will be considered-

    EBMM sterling HS

    EBMM sterling HH

    warwick thumb BO

    warwick corvette $$

    fender modern player tele bass

    fender mia p bass in white/tort/maple

    now, thats a bit of an exclusive list, and i understand the chances of landing something from that list are slim. heres some other basses i will look at, and also just some features that i would be interested in-

    squier classic vibe anything

    squier matt freeman p bass

    vintage squier stuff, especially the 80s era

    60s-70s fender mim reissue jazz and p basses

    geddy lee jazz

    maple fret boards



    anything with a jazz bass inspired pickup arrangement

    anything with a sparkly paint job

    4 or 5 string, preferably 4 string, but definitely no more than 5 strings

    gibsons maybe? i seem to have a hankering for a les paul bass, but i havent seriously pursued it.

    p basses

    jazz basses

    single cut basses

    basses with fancy paint jobs

    active electronics

    fender jaguar, guitar or bass

    6 string electric guitars

    6 string acoustic guitars

    guitar amps

    bass amps


    i really want something with a maple fretboard, a pretty paint job, and two humbuckers. im also really interested in getting into a warwick, or another fretless.
  2. I could really use a new pedal tuner bump
  3. dave23654


    Nov 14, 2009
  4. pm's have been replied to, everything is currently still available, with offers on the table for the squier classic vibe. i will keep this updated for anyone who may be interested. thanks!
  5. thursday morning bump. the classic vibe is popular, i have several offers still on the table. for right now, all 4 basses are still available, but im expecting the squier to be sold or traded within the next day or so. hit me up with trade ideas! id be willing to bundle especially if it involves the fender/squier jazz!
  6. uptowndirt

    uptowndirt Supporting Member

    Feb 16, 2008
  7. funkingroovin

    funkingroovin Conquering A-D-D,and all the other notes as well!

    Apr 19, 2009
    For anyone interested,you won't find a nicer,more personable guy to deal with!!
  8. Why thank you sir!

    All pm's have been replied to
  9. Bump
  10. All 4 basses still available. Special trade interest in fender style jazz necks, pedal tuners, anything with a maple neck, and/or humbuckers.
  11. Joe Milstein

    Joe Milstein Supporting Member Commercial User

    Dec 7, 2007
    Central New Jersey
    Gamma Bass Guitars
    free drive by bump! nice collection...great deals... glwts... cheers!
  12. Thanks!

    I would jump all over a trade deal that would land me a neck I could put on that red jazz bass
  13. the classic vibe is sold pending payment
  14. There's a deal in the works on the fretless p.
  15. both jazz basses and the vintage p are still available
  16. I'm pulling my fretless p out of this ad. I'm entertaining the idea of offering up the jazz basses in a trade if anyone's interested. I'm going to think about it for a day or two. I'm leaving this ad here for now until I have a clear plan of action.

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