FS/FT: Squire SK15B Practice Amp

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    Gotta Squire SK15B practice amp for sale/trade. It's the basic equivalent of the more-common Fender Frontman 15, and looks practically the same except for badging.

    8-inch speaker
    15 watts
    Headphone Out

    The crappy OEM speaker has been switched out for a less-crappy Radio Shack speaker, and it carries a bit more bass now. Fair condition -- not tears, holes, dents. Would be Good, except for break-out around the power cord.

    Actually sounds pretty decent; just not very loud or super low. Wouldn't recommend for a 5-string, but would be okay for living room or college dorm and a couple of acoustic guitars, especially with a ABG or EUB (how I used it).

    Make offer. Just as soon trade for parts, strings, straps, cables, gig bags, other miscellany as cash.

    Pix here: http://community.webshots.com/user/dcr72104


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