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FS/FT Stingray, upgraded VM Jazz, G&L, Rickenbacker

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by megadan, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I'm looking to thin down my collection. I stumbled across an off brand MIJ P-bass a couple months ago that is really working for me (light, thick tone, great neck) so I'm think of selling off some of my pricier basses!

    Prices reflect the value I paid, which is generally higher in Canada for high end basses, as well as my willingness to let it go - so some of the prices may seem higher than normal - they may go up and down as I decide which ones to keep and which to sell - but I'm always open to offers. Trades accepted.

    All come with a HSC unless otherwise noted, and are generally in excellent condition - light scuffing & surface scratches. The Stingray has one ding in the neck around the 5th fret that doesn't effect playability; the Jazz control plate has a gap because the new CTS pots are slightly too large for the cavity (but it's all about the sound, right!)

    Ok, here we go.

    2004 Rickenbacker 4003, push pull pot, all original. It's currently in the shop being rewired to stock (someone made a mess of the switching before I bought it). This was my dream bass but I'm beginning to realize that looks aren't everything.

    Squier VM Jazz, purchased brand new about a year ago.
    Mods: USA Fender pickups. CTS pots, Orange Drop cap, Switchcraft jack. Gotoh 201 bridge.
    $375 obo

    G&L L-2000. This is my second or backup bass right now and it's very versatile. I'm not sure about selling it, but I will entertain offers. Since Talkbass rules dictate that I post a price, I will post $900 but this is simply a number. Feel free to make me an offer.
    I don't have any pics right now, it's natural finish with a maple neck and a Hipshot D-tuner (original key included). I'll get some pics if there's any interest.
  2. OneMoreRobot


    Jan 23, 2009
    PM sent about the L2000...
  3. Bump.

    I received many offers of bass trades, I should clarify that I wasn't intended 'trades' to be just basses, really I have too many basses and so that's why I need to clear some out. I'd be interested in trades for crazy pedals, amps, synths, or other musical gear, as well as cash sales.
  4. doublebuck77

    doublebuck77 Banned

    Apr 12, 2010
    pic of the L2k? very interested!
  5. Should have photos up tonight!
  6. dave79

    dave79 Rest well Fish

    They probably screwed up the wiring on the 4003 when they put in the push/pull, since it wasn't available before 2006

  7. Good point! I had never thought about it before.
    The eBay seller I bought it from was sketchy at best (just some 16 year old kid iirc). So he was either wrong about the year (it wasn't clear in the ad) or that explains the wiring.

    I'll post the serial # when I get home and maybe we can date it more accuratly!
  8. Pics of the G&L as requested!


    I realized that I can't post the serial number of the Ric because it's in the shop, duh. Bloops.
  9. Bump.

    Keep in mind I'm looking to reduce my number of basses. About the only thing I'm looking for in basses is a 5-string Stingray.

    Also looking for Moogerfooger pedals, old synths, maybe recording gear.

    Otherwise, cash is king!
  10. Stingray is gone to local sale!

    Make me some offers!
  11. Bump with price drops!
  12. Bump!

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