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FS/FT: Supercollider v2 Mini fuzz, Boss ODB-3, Heavy Electronics Descend

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by jsohlander, Jan 17, 2013.



    ODB-3 SOLD!

    I've got three pedals for trade/sale. I'm looking mostly to trade, but am open to for sale offers. I generally ship USPS Priority Mail but will sometimes do FedEx or UPS. CONUS only.

    SOLD! [DEL]Supercollider v2 Mini fuzz pedal by Earthbound Audio[/DEL]

    Got this pedal from a fellow TB'r, sounds awesome but doesn't fit my fuzz style.

    This is a very rare mini version of the Supercollider in a 1290 enclosure that takes a standard boss 9V. The mini is very sought after and rare, so I'm hoping someone will be very happy to get this! :)

    No box, manual, battery, and no velcro on back.

    I will do [DEL]$180[/DEL] $170 shipped to CONUS or trade offers.






    SOLD! [DEL]Boss ODB-3[/DEL]

    The classic. Got this used a while back, looks great besides a few nicks. Plays like a dream. Underrated pedal. I used this pedal exclusively in two bands and on a few records. More like a fuzz/overdrive/distortion combined. Does a lot for a Boss pedal. Hate to see this go but I've got too much fuzz now.

    No box, manual, battery, and no velcro on back. Has some tape residue on the back, though.

    I will do $50 shipped to CONUS or trade offers.







    PRICE DROP! Heavy Electronics - Descend

    Very cool pedal. It's a pedal that will lower your volume anywhere in your chain but also has a filter switch to take care of some of that high-end crispness that gets lost when you lower volume. Works great after extreme fuzz/distortion to calm the volume down without affecting the quality of the fuzz.

    Fortunately I found another solution to the volume problem I was having, so I have no need for this pedal anymore. Although it did look great on my board...

    Comes with box. No manual, battery, or velcro on back.

    I bought this new a few months ago locally, they sell for $129 brand new. I'd like to get [DEL]$95[/DEL] [DEL]$90[/DEL] [DEL]$85[/DEL] $75 shipped to CONUS or trade offers.



    Trade Offers

    I'm open to any trade offer, shoot something my way and let's see if we can make a deal. I'm always interested in any fuzz, overdrive or distortion pedals.

    Here is what I'm specifically looking to trade for +/- cash to make it fair (in order of interest):

    • Aguilar Agro (NEW version - I have the old one but want the new body, the one without the lip around the edges)
    • Daring Audio Edge Activator HD (the new one)
    • Dr. Scientist The Elements Distortion
    • Mountainking Megalith
    • FEA Labs Photon Fuzz
    • Iron Ether Oxide Fuzz
    • OXFUZZ Bass Fuzz
    • OKKO Basstard Bass Overdrive
    • Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion
    • Wounded Paw Battering Ram
    • Wounded Paw Attack Goat Bass Fuzz
    • Earthbound Audio Supercollider BEAST Fuzz (new version, black on black preferred)
    • MXR M84 Bass Deluxe Fuzz
    • Zoom B3
    • Malekko B:Assmaster Fuzz
    • Z.VEX Effects Basstortion Bass Distortion
    • Xotic Effects RC Bass Booster
    • Earthquaker Devices Tone Job EQ
  2. kmon

    kmon Supporting Member

    May 11, 2009
    Austin, TX
    what's the knob on the side of the SC mini?
  3. eyeballkid

    eyeballkid Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2009
    thats the Depth knob thats usually on top.
  4. ODB-3 on hold...
  5. Ultra unobtanium bump! Had a mini SC for a while an loved it! Only ten were made I believe...
  6. Price drop bump! Make me a trade offer or buy these up and make me happy! :)
  7. Supercollider on hold!

    No love for the Descend? It's actually a very useful (and good sounding) volume control pedal. Wire it up to your board and find out! Make me a trade before I'm forced to eBay it... :)
  8. Final price drop on Descend! Now $85 shipped CONUS! This puppy will be heading to eBay if no trades/sale...

    Supercollider sold!

    ODB-3 sold!

    Thanks for looking!
  9. Throwing another price drop in for the Descend. Down now to $75 shipped CONUS. Am willing to take International offers as well.

    Make me a trade offer, I'm open!

    I would much rather have someone on here grab it than some randome eBay'er or trade it in to Guitar Center or something. :)
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